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Vast majority of BTL landlords remain committed to the buy-to-let market

An overwhelming majority of buy-to-let landlords are optimistic about their future in the private rental sector with 84% looking to maintain or expand their portfolio over the next 12 months, fresh research shows. 

Just 16% of landlords are looking to reduce the number of properties they have over the next 12 months, according to the latest report published by The Mortgage Lender. 

The report, 'The Mortgage Lender, Buy-to-let: The Landlord Experience', reveals that the most common number of properties for landlords is between two and four - 45% - while 11% of property investors are now using a limited company structure for their investments. 


The report also shows that around half of all landlords agree that tax changes have led to a reduction in the number of private landlords, but just 1% think that has led to a rise in the quality of rental properties. 


Meanwhile, just 15% of landlords are seeking out specialist tax advice about their rental properties, while only four in 10 - 42% - are using a specialist buy-to-let mortgage broker when organising their borrowing.

Peter Beaumont, The Mortgage Lender’s deputy chief executive, commented: “Our special report provides an in-depth guide to the buy-to-let market, including landlord obligations and yields around the country.” 

The report also reveals that property maintenance, care of property and tenant behaviour are the top three concerns keeping landlords awake at night.  

Beaumont added: “Our panel of landlords have shared their worries and opinions with us and we’ve included landlord case studies to demonstrate the depth of borrower circumstances we are dealing with on a regular basis.” 

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    Just more fake reports, surely 84% have no confidence left whatsoever, you cannot keep driving us into the ground and then try to tell us everything is fine.

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    • 03 September 2019 12:37 PM

    It is complete twaddle.
    Especially for those LL who remain sole traders with mortgages.
    It is these LL like myself that have no confidence at all and can't wait to exit the AST PRS.
    Choosing to convert to FHL etc makes far more business sense now if still desiring to achieve property investment income.
    Just tough for tenants who will have a far reduced supply of rental properties to choose from.
    It is only the poor property market that is preventing many LL from selling.
    Hopefully once BrExit has been achieved the market will take off and then LL can sell up at proper full market values.
    The BrExit issue is currently depressing the market which is not a normal situation.

  • James B

    Conflicting reports daily

  • icon

    "84% looking to maintain or expand their portfolio over the next 12 months....."
    Seriously! Section 24, numerous legislation changes against LL & to cap it John McDonald wants to claim all your hard work and risk & 84% looking to stay in this business. Think someone is taking the pi** here.


    Spot on there Jahan.
    If Corbyn gets in together with his cohort, then it will be curtains for us as private landlords.
    Owning property for profit is like selling your soul to the devil if you are a communist.
    We would be one of the first in line to get totally shafted.
    I don't care if the election result is announced at 6.00am, I am definitely going to celebrate if Corbyn loses, with a bottle of something.
    If he wins, I will have to commiserate also with a bottle (or two) of something and then decide what life is going to be like under a Marxist Government.

  • icon
    • 03 September 2019 22:11 PM

    There will be a military coup if a Labour Govt tries to steal properties from LL who currently house about 9 million tenants.
    No way will the British populace allow their property rights to be removed.
    I'd have Corbyn and McDonnell shot for treason.
    The majority of Brits are not prepared to accept Communist policies.
    I say to the Marxist Labour politicians watch out!!

  • icon

    Isnt it one of their mantras 'All property is theft' or something.

    • 03 September 2019 22:34 PM

    The first thing that any former Communist country does is to re-establish property rights.
    Such rights are fundamental to the underpinnings of a market economy.
    They are the foundations of a viable economy..
    Without property rights the economy is doomed.
    No way can the Communist Labour Party be allowed to remove such property rights.


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