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What aspects of the home are causing concern when it comes to cleaning?

Cleaning is often identified as the most common cause of a tenancy deposit dispute in the private rented property sector. 

Figures provided by The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) reveals that cleaning tops the list of reasons why a deduction was made to the tenancy deposit, with almost two-thirds of landlords that entered The DPS’ Dispute Resolution Service citing cleaning amongst their reasons for a claim. 

Interested in this issue, End of Tenancy Cleaning company surveyed 1,624 renters and homeowners across the UK to help establish which aspects of the home are typically forgotten or ignored when it comes to cleaning. 


The study aims to encourage more people, including renters, to stay on top of cleaning, which in turn should help reduce tenancy disputes in the future. 

End of Tenancy Cleaning found that the microwave is the aspect of the home causing the biggest concern, with 81% of respondents planning to properly clean it inside and outside at least once a month this year. 

Thereafter, 74% plan to thoroughly wash all their bins on a monthly basis, while, 69% want to give the most frequently used heavy furniture, such as the sofa, in their home a good wipe down each month.

At the other end, 43% of Brits intend to dust and wipe all the light fixtures and light switches in their home at least once a month.

Slightly above, 48% want to hoover all the floor mats and rugs in their home one time a month.

Ivan Ivanov, managing director of End of Tenancy Cleaning, said: “A new year brings a new-found desire to attend to the things in our lives we have not paid enough attention to. 

“For many, this means assessing the level of cleanliness they are currently achieving in their living environment and in doing so, unfortunately realising it’s not adequate enough. 

“Additionally, it provides the opportunity to carefully identify all the forgotten and ignored parts of the home they may have been neglecting to clean regularly.”

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  •  G romit

    Renters definition:
    Professional Clean = 2 minutes with a duster followed by 5 mins with a hoover (after year of no cleaning).


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