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Generation Rent advising tenants to negotiate lower rents

Generation Rent, the pressure group led by Baroness Alicia Kennedy, is tweeting advice to tenants on how to negotiate a lower rent.

A series of tweets starts dramatically by saying: “The rent is, beyond doubt, too damn high. But renters don’t always have to pay what the landlord demands.”

It then goes on through several social media posts to explain what tenants can do - apparently - to reduce their rent.


One post tells renters: “Your staying power is a very important part of a rent negotiation. Your landlord wouldn’t want to take a risk on an unknown tenant, pay to advertise the property, miss out on rent and then cover the cost of starting a new tenancy, all in the middle of Covid-19.”

It then says that the ending of the furlough scheme this weekend may see more renters on lower incomes and reliant on benefits.

“If you have lost income, your landlord may agree to a reduced rent” the group tweets. “Research other rent prices in your area and consider the condition of the property when discussing a lower rent.”

Almost inevitably some of the tweets make unattributed claims about landlords. 



“We’ve heard from some tenants that landlords are asking for ridiculous increases - possibly to force them out without serving a Section 21 ‘no fault’ eviction. But they cannot do this without your agreement or a valid Section 13 notice.”

The campaign group then says in the final tweet in the thread: “Have you managed to negotiate a lower rent with your landloprd? Or have you been hit with a massive rent increase?”  It asks tenants to tweet their messages with the hashtag #ventyourrent. 

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  • George Dawes

    In the house of lords , paid a small fortune to sit on her fat pontificating arse , probably lives in Hampstead in a flash million pound mansion , totally out of touch with reality

  • icon

    Dear Government,
    I, a struggling landlord, need to negotiate a lower tax rate. And be able to claim for mortgage interest! And be able to reduce my BTL rate. Perhaps if you would forego the £330 per day you get for turning up at The H of Lords (arseholes) and having a cheap lunch you could sub me!
    Meanwhile why don’t you buy some property and house your cherubs? See what it’s like!

    Daniela Provvedi

    Dear Baroness Alicia Kennedy,
    This sounds like hate speech to me, you disgusting little person.
    PS- it just so happens that I have lowered the rent for two of my households, but that's my decision, and not because you say so. But believe you me, if they don't pay (or any of my other tenants don't pay), they WILL get a CCJ.


    If you are struggling, perhaps you should consider selling the property. There legitimate cases for bailing out some business sectors. Particularly ones that sustain jobs and are prevented from trading due to the virus. Buy to let does not really fall into either category.

  • Mark Wilson

    No surprises here, nor the expectation for any help from the government (dream on). Market forces and a political lobby will beat the speculator as pricing power is being eroded. Outcome, unless you are Amazon and the likes everyone is screwed.

    • 28 October 2020 12:41 PM

    Again LL are NOT speculators.

    How many more times do you need to be told!?

    If of course you consider that anyone in business is speculating to accumulate then I'd agree with you that LL were indeed speculators.

    Somehow though I believe that you consider LL aren't operating a business

    If that is your considered opinion then that just proves your opinion is worthless!

    Mark Wilson

    100% BTL renting out flats is not a business, ask HMRC, is their opinion worthless too?
    With the issues under consideration it isn't overly important anyway. It looks like it me that Landlords will get screwed, business or no business.


    Business,hobby, pastime, service.....don't care what you call it... It continues to be a gold mine as far as I am concerned......the money just keeps piling up in my bank accounts!

    One thing it's not is speculation, which implies a level of risk and uncertainty that just isn't there if you choose the right properties and right tenants, of which there are plenty.

  • Fed Up Landlord

    Dream on Generation Rent. We are letting stuff in hours not days due to your constant moaning and whining along with that of Shelter and Acorn. You see it works like this: Landlords and Agents get shafted by Government with extra taxes and regulation. Landlords leave market. Agents go bust due to less properties to let. Rents GO UP as there is less supply and more demand. So you moan about increasing rents and apply more political pressure on LLs and agents. More landlords leave. Rinse and repeat. Several times until there are no LLs or agents left. Many of your members can't afford to buy. So where do you live? Be a part of the solution not the problem.

     G romit

    Brilliant comment, unfortunately Generation Rent including their beloved Baroness are too think to understand this.


    Great post

    George Dawes

    So very true , it's almost like it's all planned ....

  • icon

    I have negotiated some 80 Tenancy renewals since the pandemic started. In 67 of these the rent has remained the same. In 9 the Landlords have offered a reduction for a 6 month period to support their Tenants, in 4 the rent has increased - none I would add over RPI.
    This is simply BS from Generation Rent whose finger is nowhere near the pulse of the reality in the private rented sector. This constant 'bully boy' lobbying is turning Landlords away from supporting the most vulnerable in society and making matters worse for them.
    The supporting and understanding attitude of Landlords to their Tenants has been heart warming. The nasty, divisive and aggressive hatred we see in society today is fuelled by organisations like Generation Rent promoting an idle, self entitled and unaspirational lifestyle.

    Matthew Payne

    This makes perfect sense on renewal, Landlords are preferring to keep their current tenants in situe who are paying the rent, and not wanting to create an arrears situation or any ill feeling with tenants by putting the rent up at such a critical time, and when notices are now 6 months.

    On relet though its a different story with no current tenants vulnerability to consider. I agree with Robert B, I havent seen a scarcity of stock like this for a long time and rents in the home counties have definately risen over the summer. I live near a reasonable size town where there is a high volume of smaller houses and flats and usually a good selection to rent all year round. 1 property to let currently, and its a bigger house. Similar story in another neighbouring town, 5 to let this time, and all 5 rents I reckon 8-9% higher than this time last year. Pandemic or not, market forces prevail. I bet people will happily pay more for their loo roll in tescos this week if the alternative is not having any.

  • icon
    • 28 October 2020 09:26 AM

    Do these Generation Rent people not realise, that in this business (which it is) is put under pressure on profit, revenue, Government rules, expenses, Local Authorities constant nickel and diming etc. that all that happens is their clients (tenants) will just be naturally forced to pay more and at an added increase rate.

    As soon as I get pressure on profits from these idiot schemes, all I do is take the extra money and add 15% and pass it all on to the tenant.

    So - Generation Renters, you should ask your local authorities, Councils, Housing Authorities, and Government Associations to reduce their prices as they are the ones who are raking in the money and forcing you to have to pay more. Not Landlords.

    I do, however, love the extra income though. Thanks for all your arduous work plus my extra 15% off your backs..

    Mark Wilson

    Dream on!


    In most places,market forces are still leading to rents continuing to rise faster than inflation - so many of us are living the dream!

    The biggest frustrations are lack of opportunity to spend our growing income and very poor returns in other investment vehicles.

  • icon

    We know we are being driven out for sure every one having a pot at us. I have had no rent increases only arrears & vacancies square that one. The whole business has been hijacked by graduates digital everything or can't operate like traditional LL's who can't do it, so its not about housing anymore its about Computers, when Computer says email address not valid that's a brick wall , no phones anymore no back up, although email address was valid for 20 years.
    With reference to doing away with S.21 it should Remain for the following reasons we have already complied with every law that was ever made. S21 should Remain for HM0's who are not Family's obviously's or we wouldn't have a license in the first place. Also longer Tenancies shouldn't apply to
    HM0's as they are mostly single persons who don't want Longer Tenancies always on the move and want to be flexible + don't want to be stuck for 6 months either I have had them come & go like billeio nothing I can say about that I cannot stop them going but they can stay as long as they like I can't put them out, we are all equal before the Law, not, we are only the owners.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    ... in a Housing shortage that's increasing worsening, ! much due to so-called tenant support groups ? Good luck negotiating a decrease in an over-demand market

  • icon

    i would not reduce rent--wont increase it if tenant stays on--so councils and other social landlords reduce rents? no--they evict for non-payment

  • icon

    Please tell me where over demand is in London as much as I would like to agree with you, I have plenty spare capacity. Thousands of multi-high rise Concrete Frame Flats going up all over town clearly not required look around you, where are the people to fill those where are they living now if they exist, people are not grasping the scale of whats happening. virtually all letting in L'don is now illegal or it won't be let its as simple as that. Then they say people moving are out of town as well, maybe that's why Milton Keynes haven't stopped pouring Concrete.


    it appears that London is 'yesterday's' place to live. Elsewhere demand is 8-10 times supply.....probably people moving out of London. The phrase 'reap what you sow' could be levelled at London's Mayor by many.

  • girish mehta

    Time to leave Prs,not going to go bankrupt for this idiots. Not going to rent . Let this idiots and government play short term gain, let more people go homeless . Let’s see how the government and these so called tents find ways to house these people for free. I will invest overseas where there is less regs and idiots making the laws and basically want things for free that goes with tanents and idiots politicians who cannot understand the market and make noises so they can stay in the system and look after their egos. As this people will get promoted to our future ministers. Forget about economics or common sense. The new mantra for this people is get every thing free. Live beyond mean everything and let’s race to the bottom.

    • 28 October 2020 13:37 PM

    I wouldn't say time to leave the PRS but definitely time to leave the major AST part.
    It is this part which has become regulated beyond all viability.

    However the lodger market for live-in LL remains in rude health.

    Just look at the demand on spareroom.

    It just means that for insurance purposes only a live-in LL needs to live at a resi property at least once per month.
    That would be no real hardship.

    It avoids nearly all the issues which come with tenants.

  • Ruan Gildchirst

    Greedy landlords have had their day, they should be greatfull if they get any rent, many tenants simply stop paying and it’s taking a couple years to get them out, then the tenant wrecks the place with a hammer if the bailiffs call round.

    • 28 October 2020 14:11 PM

    Please define the point at which you consider a LL becomes greedy.
    I charge market rents.
    I don't force occupants to pay.
    But if they wish to rent then they pay what I charge.

    If I can't achieve what I want then invariably I will reduce the rent I require.

    But please advise the calculation you use to determine whether a LL is greedy or not.


    I expect in your eyes anyone in business is classed as greedy from the corner shop to the garage down the road, we are all in it to make a profit, other wise there would be no point.

    • 28 October 2020 16:58 PM

    When, even in these days, did an eviction take 2 years?

    In my career, I have done about 8 evictions. ALL of then for non payment.

    NONE of them went more than 5 months, and in many of the cases I used the High Court, which shortend the normal bailiff time of 3 months down to 2 days.



    What a pathetic argument.
    Your jealous, self-entitled attitude lacks economic sanity. It's these non-sensical ingredients that will make this country poorer and the housing shortage a disaster.
    Grow up and wake up.

    • 29 October 2020 12:05 PM

    It's all gone quiet over there.
    So idiot don't you have the balls to reply!?

    Please tell us all the price point that you consider LL become greedy!?

    You can't so I suggest you keep your stupid comments to yourself as you clearly understand nothing and trot out ridiculous rhetoric which you can't back up at all.
    In short you are pathetic!

  • icon
    • 28 October 2020 14:29 PM

    Which is exactly the way every other business in the world works!

  • icon

    I can't understand why we have to have a Court Order to get them out it should be a simple matter of give them 2 /3 months notice especially for HMO's or even any other Let after all that's what it is, but with everyone on our backs, mostly people & organisations were by it none of their Business we own the property pay the loans, do the maintenance work up date to comply with mad Licensing Schemes, now we'll have more costs Energy Performance up dating, still have no rights whatsoever but honestly I now wonder if we do own the property at all. The Tenants are free to walk away anytime they like regardless of Tenancy Agreement and don't need a Court Order to come-in do they ?. I have had only had 2 County Court evictions in 42 years I would say partly because the Tenants knew Section 21 was there, now they'll have nothing to fear and collapse goes the economy there is nothing else left to attack.


    Over the last 30 yrs I have had 3 evictions and all have gone before the bailiffs have had to turn up.

  • icon

    Hi Andrew in my case they ignored the Court Order as well even though the Judge gave them extra time to get out, so then no option but apply & pay for the Bailiffs all took more time free renting but amazingly the Bailiffs notified them the date & time when they were coming, they left 2 house prior I just had the extra inconvenience & cost for the Bailiffs to put a notice on a pain of glass.

    • 29 October 2020 13:21 PM

    Yup - Very unfair, but at least they (the crooks and thieves) left......
    Good Luck in the future.

    • 29 October 2020 13:21 PM

    Yup - Very unfair, but at least they (the crooks and thieves) left......
    Good Luck in the future.

  • icon
    • 29 October 2020 11:56 AM

    @echis r

    I think you will find that LL aren't asking for any support particularly.
    All LL understand the market can change as it has with the CV19 crisis.

    All we LL require is the ability to trade
    We are currently being prevented from doing this by the ban on LL repossessing their properties mostly from feckless rent defaulting tenants.

    In fact the dysfunctional repossession process was always a massive impediment to LL being able to trade effectively.

    Inability to remove feckless rent defaulting tenants in a timely fashion has a major effect on LL finances.
    With circumstances as they are it is no wonder that many LL are struggling.
    Many are effectively paying the housing costs of their tenants with no income to pay for it.
    Fortunate indeed if LL are able to resource those costs.

    Your contention that LL should just sell up if struggling is PATHETIC.

    LL weren't struggling particularly before Govt introduced an eviction ban.

    It is Govt policies and regulations which is causing LL to struggle.
    .Get rid of the eviction ban introducing a very fast track eviction process for only rent defaulting tenants and all of a sudden the LL stops struggling.
    Believe me a vacant property will rapidly attract a RENT PAYING TENANT!



    Your definition of trading is not the same as mine. Trading involves work.


    @ Echis, so landlords don't work then, we just sit in an arm chair on our laptops watching the cash roll into our bank accounts ? You have no idea do you?

  • Ruan Gildchirst

    The time of the LL easy income has ended

    It’s going to be at least two years to evict a non paying tenant

    LLs should be greatful to have a non paying tenant in, if it’s empty then squatters could get in

    LLs should look for good property caretakers to stop squatters wrecking the place


    Its never been easy income.

    • 29 October 2020 17:47 PM

    You are showing your idiocy and ignorance again.
    Anyone squatting in a residential property may be removed with force if necessary by the occupier and Police.
    It is now a criminal and arrestable offence to squat in a resi property.

    As for easy money that it has never been.
    You are aware aren't you that £9 billion of losses per year is caused mostly by rent defaulting tenants.

    You are deluded if you consider it easy money.
    You clearly have never been a LL or you wouldn't make such idiotic comments.

    You are correct about potential 2 year eviction timescales.

    I can see many LL being bankrupted by feckless rent defaulting tenants.

    All in all the AST PRS isn't a good place to be.

    I intend to leave the AST sector recognising the impacts of what you have stated.
    There is no doubt about it that in the coming years the PRS will shrink to be a shadow of It's former self.

    That is very good news for remaining LL but very; very bad news for tenants.

  • icon
    • 29 October 2020 17:50 PM

    @echis r

    Ahh! So you contend that anyone who hires out stuff is NOT trading and therefore not working!!!!!!!???

    You really are an idiot aren't you!?
    Please disappear off the the Guardian with your stupid comments.
    You clearly aren't a LL.
    Go troll somewhere else.

  • icon

    How ever you look at it, BTL is not trading. You sit an asset and hope to make money. That's speculation. Fair enough but call it by its right name. If you have a problem with the plumbing, electrics or roof, you call in someone to sort it out. They are trading.

    • 29 October 2020 18:17 PM

    You are simply wrong.
    Something that those of a certain ideology refuse to accept.

    Trading comes in many forms.
    Anything that provisions items or facilities is trading be it a city trader pressing buttons to an algorithm doing the work.

    It is all trading and therefore work.
    Some trading involves bloody hard work some doesn't.
    Still all work though.

    • 29 October 2020 18:20 PM


    That's just it Echis, most on here, myself included do their own repairs, call outs, upgrades, decorating and clean ups, if we just called other people in to do these things we would be losing money , I was crawling around in a loft looking for a leak today, don't get me wrong I'm not complaining here I love what I do, hands on.


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