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Right To Rent checks to be easier for landlords (well, that’s the theory)

Tweaks being made to the Right To Rent system should make it easier for landlords to complete the controversial process.

The government says it’s introducing a new online Right To Rent checking system - possibly as soon as next month.

This will allow the prospective tenant to view their official Home Office profile - which should, for example, carry data about the eligibility of the individual to live in the UK.


This can then be shared with the landlord if the individual wishes, through a ‘share code’ online access system; there will be strict safeguards to ensure the landlord can see only the appropriate Right To Rent information, and not any other data.

The National Residential Landlords Association says that it understands landlords will be able to undertake either the online check or the existing document-based check; online checks will, therefore, be a voluntary option whilst migrants and landlords develop familiarity with the new service.

The NRLA says EEA citizens will continue to be able to demonstrate their entitlement to rent to landlords by showing a valid passport or national ID card until June 30 next year.


The Coronavirus restrictions mean that changes introduced some months ago to the Right To Rent process continue in place, therefore:

- checks can be carried out over video calls;

- tenants can send scanned documents or a photo of documents for checks using email or a mobile app, rather than sending originals. 

You can see more information here.

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    Will this new online thingy be as good as the test and trace that is supposed to be a world beater? Didn't think so.

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    Brilliant - Now there is no reason for the tenants to not add their previous payment history along with previous LL recommendation letters & credit rating in other words a CV. Also see no reason why this cant also apply to British tenants. Set up costs would be lower for LL.

    Ability to pick the best candidate for the property would make these high scoring prospective tenants sought after keeping overall housing costs low.

    Our risk as a LL would be reduced massively knowing we are taking on rent paying tenants only. (They will also want to pay knowing this register dare I say)

    Bill Wood

    Yes indeed. A 'CV' is what I would always like to be presented with on day 1, but never have been!
    Some years ago my daughter went to view a flat in Maldon. She went with evidence of her long-term employment with BT, recent wageslips, copy bank statements, and, most important of all, her cheque book to write a deposit cheque. Needless to say, she got the flat straight away.

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    • 05 October 2020 15:45 PM

    Rather than call it a CV.


    It was the TFB that killed the TRP concept on the basis that tenants would be forced to buy their own referencing.

    Absolute rubbish but that was the effect.
    This new Govt site could be expanded to be an all encompassing referencing site.


    How does an illegal immigrant of which there are about 2 million manage to rent anywhere?

    Must be a lot of criminal LL!

    Now I wonder where most of these illegal LL and immigrants could be found?

    Give you a clue they won't be found in less diverse areas so now you know where they will be found.

    Just imagine EVERY tenant on a Govt database so that LL can identify good tenants.

    Every tenant would have to be on the database even British Nationals to avoid accusations of racism.
    I reckon most legal LL would welcome such a comprehensive Govt database of tenant RTR and rent payment history.

    I wonder how many illegal tenants there are out there.
    Of course the Govt database would be fully accessible by councils to assist their enforcement activities.

    Illegal tenants and LL would be quaking in their boots if the remit of this database was expanded.


    Well Paul they can play the race card as much as they like, telling the truth as it really is, is not racism .

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    • 05 October 2020 16:16 PM

    Unfortunately the truth is not acceptable to lefties.
    They consider the truth is racist and WON'T accept it!!

    How can one reason with such idiots!?

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    Just enjoy being wealthier than most lefties - apart from Labour front benchers, past and present!

    PS. Don't even think you could ever be wealthier than any Tory front bencher!

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    • 05 October 2020 18:04 PM

    Wonder what Tory LL would feel like facing feckless rent defaulting tenants!?
    Even on a cushioned MP salary a Tory LL could be facing massive rent losses.

    Not a peep from any of them about the losses and potential bankruptcy being faced by normal LL.


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