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New 43-page Right To Rent guide for landlords with Covid changes

The government has this week revealed temporary changes to the way landlords can check documents required for Right To Rent.

There have been changes to allow requests for digital versions of documents, making checks on a video call, and how to approach situations where prospective tenants don’t have the document required. 

The new guidance also includes information on checking the validity of documents and retaining evidence in the current circumstances.


It is perhaps an indication of the complexity of the Right To Rent checks that the latest version of the guide, which includes pictogram elements to show the process, runs to 43 pages including appendices and draft letters.



Most of the first 33 pages are dedicated to defining acceptable documents which can be taken as evidence of the prospective tenant’s Right To Rent by the landlord or agent.

You can see the full guide here

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    It only needs a single page.

    1. Only take tenants who can afford market rent and with suitable guarantors.
    2. Allow tenants who can no longer afford the rent to leave, retaining the deposit in full and final settlement.
    3. Sue guarantors if tenants don't accept offer in 2 above.
    4. Sue tenants too for good measure.

    What else needs to be in a guide?


    The guide should be blank, we supply accommodation the border agency should control the right to remain in the UK.

  • Mick Roberts

    Gees, another thing they've finally realised they got wrong. Which we told em 4 years ago.
    All my existing current tenants who I've watched being born in the UK failed the Govt online Rent to rent. They wasn't entitled to a house in the UK. I give up.
    So they now want us to read this 43 pages coupled with the 2304 pages Licensing have sent me.
    No Landlord should rent a house out on his/herself now, should use a Letting Agent.


    A good local independent letting agent are worth their fees, most of my properties are now let that way, I'm still hands on in so much as I do my own repairs, clean ups and decorating, all my tenants know me and are welcome to contact me direct when ever they want to, it works.

  • Ruan Gildchirst

    BTL is dead, all LLs with any sense are desperately trying to sell now before the rush. Tenants are waking up that they can stop paying rent and it will take 2 years or more to get them out.

    The government is supporting tenants and even encouraging tenants to not pay rent. LLs are being forced to subsidise all the losses from the crisis

  • Bill Wood

    Not sure I have enough toner in my printer for this one. . . .


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