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Government warned on Right To Rent - landlords can't meet guidelines

The government is being warned landlords won’t be able to meet new guidelines being set for Right To Rent once the Coronavirus crisis subsides.

At the moment so-called ‘adjusted checks’ are in use to test that would-be tenants fulfil Right to Rent requirements - and this does not involve face-to-face meetings between landlord and tenant. 

However, the government has now revealed it expects both landlords and agents to retrospectively complete full R2R checks on those whose tenancies have started during the virus period. 


Lettings agents’ group ARLA Propertymarket has written to MP Kevin Foster - the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Minister for Future Borders and Immigration, based at the Home Office - saying the industry is likely to be unable to meet this demand. 

“Given the volume of checks that will now have built up, the majority of letting agents and landlords will undoubtedly fail to comply with the requirement to deliver retrospective checks” the letter says.

One of the biggest problems is that next year already sees widespread changes which will impact on landlords’ and agents’ workloads, even without the retrospective R2R checks.

The association points out that in the near future agents and landlords will also have to adopt new digital checks for overseas applicants while also accommodating full in person checks including those for overseas nationals who elect to use other forms of identity documents. 


Additionally, agents and landlords will be managing the transition between December 2020 and June 2021 of applicants who have not yet applied to the EU Settlement Scheme. “Previous acceptance of freedom of movement means that letting agents will not have records of the nationality of existing tenants who have been cleared for a permanent Right to Rent” ARLA warns in the letter.

You can see the full text of the letter here

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    I have written many times on the ad hoc, 'shoot from the hip' regulation by consecutive Governments and we have reached the point where PRS regulation is all over the place. Enough is enough; this has to stop immediately. Stop regulating for regulating sake, take a step back and start engaging your brains!
    We need a streamlined regulatory system that supports the competent and compliant supplier.... not one where you continuously look to screw the supplier and expect more and more for free.
    Landlords and Agents cannot spend their whole lives chasing Tenants for compliance, when Tenants often don't or wont engage. We do have a living to make you know!
    If you want Right to Rent updated then make it the responsibility of the Tenant. Personally I have had enough of being a gofer for the Government!

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    • 18 November 2020 10:25 AM

    And who is going to pay for the searches and the administration?

    1. My Letting Agent will not pay it. They will charge me for it.
    2. I will NOT pay for it. I will charge the tenant on the rental.
    3. So - The tenant will pay the costs or they do not get a hose to live in, and I will, as usual, charge them an extra 15% of the additional costs to cover my overheads.

    So the Tenants get it again.

    Very well done Mr. Government, your stupid ideas are damaging the very people you claim to protect. The Tenant.

    Brilliant, quite brilliant. And I make 15% out of it. Even more brilliant.

    Please, please, please dream up lots more of these outrageously stupid ideas, I can do with the extra cash.


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