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MP wants controls over HMOs used as supported accommodation

Labour MP Steve McCabe has introduced a 10 Minute Rule Bill into the House of Commons to address the problems of HMO’s being used as supported accommodation without sufficient regulation and oversight.

McCabe, who represents Birmingham Selly Oak, says the number of supported accommodation properties - where vulnerable private tenants are known to receive care and support - has grown rapidly in his constituency. 

His Supported Accommodation Bill would require developers and landlords to disclose for planning purposes an intention to use a building for supported housing or other accommodation that is specified for the purposes of Universal Credit and Housing Benefit. 


It would also seek to establish a suitability test for accommodation proposed for such use and make provision about the fitness of persons to be landlords or managers of supported or other specified accommodation.  

Speaking in Parliament earlier this month, McCabe told government of the problems his constituents have had reporting problems; this included a pregnant woman and her partner who were apparently threatened with a knife after reporting a repair to their supported accommodation provider. 

“My Supported Accommodation Bill would provide much needed oversight of the supported accommodation sector; we need suitable checks on the level of support provided and on the property being used. I have heard from local residents just how difficult reporting concerns about crime, noise and drug use are to landlords and owners of properties” he says.


“We need regulation to ensure supported accommodation is providing high quality support for vulnerable people as well as working with local communities and residents to address any problems. The current system is shrouded in secrecy, too many landlords are making profits from vulnerable people and providing no support. They need to be held accountable.” 

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    Surely it's the local councils responsibility to provide for the vulnerable , personally I would not take a vulnerable person as a tenant , that would just be asking for trouble.

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    • 23 November 2020 09:40 AM

    Quite correct and so it should be.
    As a Landlord, I consider it a business. The Councils are responsible and obliged for social issues and social housing.

    NOT LANDLORD!!!!!!!!!

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    Supported accommodation is quite different to a standard HMO and quite rightly should be overseen by local councils. In fact I don't understand why it isn't already!!

  • Andrew McCausland

    I does seem to be a loophole in the current regulations where the landlord does not have to have the usual HMO licensing requirements. However, it is the AL provider who then needs to prove to the council that the premises are fit for purpose.

    There is already a mechanism in place for this to happen and all it takes is council staff to inspect and identify any issues, and refuse to fund residents until that happens. It would then be down to negotiation between the LL and the AL provider as to who pays for this. Either way, the tenant will have a decent quality safe place to live and the PRS has provided accommodation that the local authority cannot afford to do. All it takes is enforcement of the current rules.


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