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Landlord licensing ‘risks giving vulnerable people Covid-19’ - claim

A lettings trade body says expensive council licensing schemes could force landlords to sell, making vulnerable tenants homeless or obliged to seek less good accommodation which could put them at risk of contracting Coronavirus.

The Association of Residential Letting Agents - in a response to the government’s call for information on how the Covid second wave is hitting the private rental sector - makes the claim after criticising councils for the proliferation of schemes in recent months.

ARLA, which is part of Propertymark, says many councils are pushing ahead with such schemes despite government advice which says ‘Local authorities may need to be prepared to pause the process completely where it is not safe and reasonable to continue or if it will conflict with latest government advice regarding the Covid-19.’


The association says the increase in schemes will place additional pressure on the sector in three ways:

1) Tenants will likely see the cost of licensing passed on to them via rent increases;

2) If landlords who cannot afford the license fee decide not to pay and remove their property from the market, tenants will be forced to seek new homes;

3) With some agents furloughed or working from home they are unable to access relevant paperwork and documentation to complete licensing scheme applications and process fees. 


And the association warns: “Councils who are pursuing the implementation of licensing schemes are being socially irresponsible as it needlessly puts vulnerable people at risk of being infected.”

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    No surprises here. EVERY anti landlord measure risks this outcome.

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    I agree that Landlords (not property) should be licenced. It is one sure way to tidy up the sector and rid us the non compliant and corner/cost cutters. I disagree that this should be expensive and a licence should not be required if a Landlord has their property managed by a fully licenced Agent.


    bs--it will just lead to more criminality. we have plenty of laws--too many--more are not needed

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    The council introduced Selective Licensing in my area with the approval from the NLA!. All affected landlords told them the cost would be added on to the rent. They ignored this so rents in that area are more expensive.
    This is what happens in business, extra costs are passed down on to the customer. The scheme has made no difference to the area other than generate an income for the council.

  • George Dawes

    The whole world has gone quite mad


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