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Insecure tenancies lead to worse Covid risks - claim

Insecure tenancies, poor housing conditions and overcrowding lead to health problems and worsen risks in the pandemic, a think tank claims.

The Health Foundation says this is why the poor and those from ethnic minorities are disproportionately more likely to have Coronavirus and to have worse health outcomes as a result.

“Since March many of us have spent a lot more time at home. For many, the quality of their home has made their experience of the pandemic even worse than it needed to be,” says Adam Tinson, a senior analyst at the think tank.


“While some have weathered lockdown in large homes with gardens and plenty of living space, others have struggled in overcrowded and unsafe conditions. Overcrowding is associated with the spread of Covid-19, making self-isolation more difficult and allowing the virus to spread through more people if one becomes infected” he continues.

Foundation figures show that eight per cent of households with the lowest income lived in overcrowded homes, compared with under one per cent of those with the highest earnings.

“People’s housing environments have affected their ability to shield themselves and others from Covid-19. People have been encouraged to stay in their homes as much as possible, but within-household transmission has played a serious role in the spread of the virus” says the foundation’s latest report on the issue.

“Overcrowding, which has been increasing in the years prior to the pandemic, makes it harder to self-isolate and shield, and may have contributed to higher death rates in poorer areas.”

The foundation says more social housing, more secure private tenancies and a U-turn on housing benefit changes are required to remedy the problems.

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    It's up to people how they chose to live and work.

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    The way to ensure an insecure tenancy is to dodge paying rents and risk the landlord's properties being repossessed. Good tenants should be as secure as they ever were as all landlords want to keep good tenants for as long as they own the property.

  • Mark Wilson

    This needed a foundation to reach such conclusions?

  • girish mehta

    Housing market is broken for last six to eight decades.
    All policies have not lead to decent standards. Various political parties have turned this shortage for their own benefit and their political gains with out serious thoughts.
    When banks fail the government rescues the
    At all cost. But when people lives and health are at stake then it turns into vote grabbing political issue for them to profit from.
    All policies over the last few decades have not improved housing standards.
    Same issues are faced by most people that I had to go through when I was a teenager long time ago and it will continue for long as it is not in politician interest and they profit from these laws are designed to serve their own and their political party Intrest

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    Adam Tinson Think Tank, did you not know this before, seen as it was caused by your think tanks and the Regulations like HM0's, no over crowding before when LL wasn't was in control and not excluded from the property, the the Tenants bring in extras ' sub-letting but you make sure LL cannot do anything.
    The other lot probably ethnic majority no license required, mama, dada, grand pa, cousins uncle, steps, etc that's fine. mostly on the system, so now you tell me that they are more risk than my tenants, you already made laws saying it other way around. I am sure they are more at risk as well as I have 5 to one house in some cases, similar houses with so called family houses might be ethnic possibly have 6 /8 or 10 packed-in, no licensing or restriction required, all windows locked up tight and still only one C/tax to pay the same as my wife & me for 2. I don't know why you mention no outside space given you are currently building thousands high of Flats with no outside space.

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    Easy - To turn your insecure tenancy to a secure tenancy is to

    a) Pay your rent on time every time & if you are a big 'family' no excuse
    b) Look after the property as if its your own & if you cant, be prepared to pay yes pay for the damage you cause

    Just waiting for a certain person now to say I've infringed upon a minorities human rights

    • 31 December 2020 08:16 AM

    Love it......We need more Landlords enforcing this behaviour.....

  • George Dawes

    Another pointless quango costing taxpayers money and coming to the conclusion of the bleedin' obvious

    Next month they will be announcing water is wet and the sky's blue


    Well George these people are all fresh out of uni, wet behind the ears and think they know the lot, where as they know F all.



    I well remember knowing everything at 22 and expecting to be an MD within the year.
    Amazing how much I seemed to forget and how much advice I needed over the next few years!


    @ Robert, 22, great times, that was the long hot summer of 1976 for we, a white XJ6 and a BSA Super Rocket, and no shortage of ladies, we were all young once.


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