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Barclays refuses to offer buy-to-let borrowers a payment holiday

Landlords who have a buy-to-let mortgage with Barclays will not be offered a repayment holiday, despite government guidance to offer borrowers a payment deferral of up to three months as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The bank says that the support is primarily available to residential mortgage borrowers, with buy-to-let landlords not considered to be a priority. 

A spokesperson for Barclays said: “This is an unprecedented and ever-changing situation, we are constantly reviewing how we best support all of our customers and are working on an appropriate solution and will provide an update later this week.”



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Poll: Do you think you will be forced to consider applying for a mortgage holiday over the next three months?


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    Surely Shelter would act as Guarantors if Barclays asked them?

  • Matthew Payne

    Barclays up providing an update later this week on an online option for Resi and BTL? Will be interesting to see what they offer if anything. Might set a precedent.

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    '…. a payment REFERRAL of up to three months as a....'
    Here we go again, PROOF READ please and change the word to DEFERRAL.

    Stand in the corner with your dunces hat on you stupid boy.

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    That’s right at the moment It’s not a cancellation it’s a deferral & guess what we can carry on paying the highest tax rates compared to other businesses if gov sorted everyone

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    I was made redundant and now dependant on my two properties for income until.I get my pension. . I had wanted to convert one property to an annuity and sell when tenancy ended July.. Now both tenants are not paying. I have no income.

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    i have very small barclays mortgage on rental property--i have heard absolutely nothing from them!

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    Barclays should remember that when this is all over people will have long memories.


    I would agree there, however I have to speak as I find, I have banked with Barclays for over 40 yrs they have been very good to me and stood by me in difficult times , at present I have no borrowings so it's unlikely to be a problem now.


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