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Less than one in 20 BTL landlords permit tenants to keep pets

Most landlords are wary of the potential damage, smells and noise complaints that can come with accommodating a tenant with pets, and that is why so many people who rent are prevented from owning an animal. 

According to new research from CIA Landlord, just 4% of landlords in the UK are prepared to allow tenants to keep pets in their property. 

The study found that Leeds is the worst location across the UK to rent as a pet lover, with just 1% of the properties listed stating that they were pet friendly.


Just 2% of homes to let in Cardiff, Coventry, Newcastle upon Tyne and Birmingham were openly pet friendly. 

Landlords in Belfast are far more willing to consider tenants with pets, with 11% of the properties listed stating that they allow animals, with Wakefield and Glasgow following closely behind with a joint 8%.

As part of the research, CIA Landlord surveyed 500 landlords to find out the reasons behind their reluctance to allow pets on the property, with the majority - 39% - expressing concern about pets injuring other tenants, with 35% ‘worried about pets not being properly trained’.

Some 78% of landlords surveyed said that they had caught a resident lying about keeping a pet. 

Tenants in the North West have been caught lying the most (89%), with the East of England having the second-most liars (83%), followed by Greater London (81%).

On average, 36% of landlords charge tenants an extra £91 in rent per month to keep a pet on the property. They’ve also had to pay an average of £183 to repair damage to their property caused by animals.

Richard Wayman, Finance Director at CIA Landlord, commented: “As a landlord, it can be a difficult decision on whether you want to enforce a no-pets-allowed policy in your property. From damages to the furniture, to happier tenants, there are many disadvantages and advantages to allowing a tenant keeping a pet.

“It’s important that you fully considered all aspects before deciding on what is best for you and your property.”

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    No don't want pets had all that, landlord expected to pay for infestation, it enough to be cleaning up after the occupants,

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    I will consider a pet, small dog or cat, but as I can nolonger take a larger deposit it will now have to be an increased rent, the problem of course is some tenants ignore the no pets clause then we either have to just accept it or go down the expensive route of eviction .

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    I have had tenants who have smelt worse than some pets and cause more damage


    I think we have all had tenants like that Ken.


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