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Many tenants are struggling to pay rent, claims new poll

A number of tenants are now struggling to pay rent due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, according to new research. 

Around five million households in the UK live in private rented accommodation and many of these are starting to struggle to pay the bills after having their wages cut. 

Despite the government's Coronavirus Jobs Retention Scheme, many employers are asking staff to reduce their hours, take a pay cut or to be furloughed, and this is having an adverse impact on those required to pay rent. 


Polling conducted by Opinium, on behalf of the Guardian, showed many renters are currently either already in or on the brink of a financial crisis, with one in six forced to seek extra financial help to stay afloat.

The survey found that six in 10 renters had suffered financially as a result of the UK-wide shutdown.

Of those, 20% had been forced to choose between food and bills or paying rent, while a quarter said they had already had to voluntarily leave their home, or request an earlier end to their tenancy because of the coronavirus crisis.

The findings of the survey suggest that government measures to support people who rent their homes, including a temporary ban on evictions, may not go far enough. 

Renters remain liable for their rent throughout the existing crisis.

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Poll: Are you worried that your tenants will default on their rent payments in the coming months?


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    Yup and many landlords are struggling to pay their mortgage. What's the difference?

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    Pass the buck! Your tenant will feel great. You should know by now Landlords are not allowed to feel great it’s been added to the job description ☹️

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    I have mounting arrears of £16,000
    Feeling sorry for tenants is great, but if they loose there home at the end of this because mortgages aren't paid.
    OR landlords end up picking up the tab on the extra interest on holiday mortgages.
    I've taken NO salary at all last month to make sure mortgages were paid, I've used my savings to live on, because I took the necessary steps, while undisciplined tenants didn't bother to save, as it was easier to use my saving to fund their inadequacies!!

    The real story here is the financial bashing landlords are taking with risk escalating rapidly, with little rewards to be gained.....
    Watch the repossessions escalate in the autumn as the PRe shrinks and tenants are made homeless.


    Just watch those homeless figures rocket in time for the cold winter of 2021

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    So government man up!! Help these people pay their rent! Then they will not become debters and homeless. Aso their shelter provider will still be able to afford to house them. Simples! 🤔

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    I know some HMO LL’s are concerned about their lettings where the Tenant has an inclusive room rent including gas & electric, which is no longer sustainable as Tenants are not careful about what they use. Some have served vacation notice’s with the intention of housing families instead where they pay their own bills.


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