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New trade body finally launches for BTL landlords

A new landlord organistaion has become the largest ever trade body in the letting sector after officially launching this morning.  

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), which was initially scheduled to be introduced at the start of January, has a membership of more than 80,000 landlords. 

The new organisation was formed after the National Landlords Association (NLA) and the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) agreed to merge in autumn last year, with a view to delivering a stronger voice for landlords in the private rented sector.


Jodi Berg is the NRLA’s new chairman, having previously spent 30 years working within the management of public and public interest bodies, gaining expertise in board governance, commercial negotiation and mergers. 

Following an early career as a solicitor, she entered the ombudsman world specialising in resolving disputes and complaints, acting as the Independent Complaints Reviewer for HM Land Registry and housing sector regulators, the Housing Corporation and the Tenant Services Authority. 

Her board experience includes a non-executive directorship of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and chairmanship of public bodies including an NHS Trust, the Administrative Justice Forum and a probation service. 

Announcing the appointment, Ben Beadle, NRLA chief executive, said: “Jodi comes to us with a wealth of experience of Board leadership and the lettings industry, gained over decades in the business and we are delighted to have her on board.

“While we are operating under unprecedented circumstances at present, we would like to reassure members that we are here to support them through these unchartered waters and that, as a united organisation, we are stronger together.”

Berg said: “I think the new NRLA has a bright future and it is great to be on board from day one.

“As an association we now represent more than 80,000 landlords and the more we grow this number, the stronger our voice will be. We need to encourage landlords to come together and support each other and work with other areas of the sector to bring about positive change for both landlords and tenants.”

The outgoing chairs, Alan Ward of the RLA and Adrian Jeakings of the NLA, remain on the NRLA’s board.

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  • David Lester

    What is her remit to help Landlords who face ruin because of Governments Coronavirus legislation?

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    I have been a member of Eastern Landlords Assos for 30 yrs, very happy with the support and guidance I receive from them, they are local and I can walk into their office here in Norwich anytime I like, no interest in this new trade body I fully expect they will be a total waste of time.

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    I’m still a member of RLA but increasingly frustrated by their capitulation strategy with the government on all attacks on landlords. I urge members to lobby NRLA to use offense strategy as opposed to defence

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    • 02 April 2020 12:50 PM

    Will the NRLA approach Govt to remove the ridiculous S24!?.....................Nope thought not!!!
    With LL struggling to stay afloat for Govt to expect LL to be able to pay S24 taxes is for the birds.
    It is enough of a struggle to cope when GAAP are applied to LL.

    Maintaining the S24 tax regulations is simply hanging out mortgaged sole trader LL to dry.

    Even without S24 mortgaged sole trader LL will struggle to survive.
    It is simply outrageous that S24 remains as a tax policy.
    The NRLA should requests it's immediate abolishment.........................but they wont!
    They won't even mention it to Govt at all.
    Tells you everything you need to know about the chocolate teapot NRLA


    Well said Paul.
    They should have been screaming from the rooftops that landlords have had zero help.
    I have tenants phoning saying they can't pay but they will get 80%.
    I will get zero.
    The tenants are shocked when I explain we are not included in the self employed package and even if we were S24 ensures many are over the 50000 cut off.
    They need to get it out there it might dampen down the activists.
    I also understand that the loans don't apply because we are not tradi g.
    REF loans it appears the banks are doing there best to find reasons not to loan

  •  G romit

    The NRLA is not new at all, it a "merger" of NLA & RLA.

    It opening comments supporting anti-Landlord Government policy reveals its roots in its wimpish forerunners. If it is not going to become as irrelevant as its forebears it had better grow a pair quick, and consign its initial limp wristed approach to the dustbin.

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    • 02 April 2020 17:58 PM

    @kathy miller.
    Yes I didn't fully appreciate how the status of mortgaged sole trader LL is regarded.
    It seems we are neither one thing or the other.
    Consequently LL fall through the gaps of assistance finance or are penalised because of the way they are regarded.

    Govt needs to determine the exact status of LL so that they are not penalised in future.
    I know it wouldn't suit me to be incorporated due the difficulty in extracting income tax efficiently from a company.

    Once this CV19 crisis is over for those LL left standing I believe to create a level playing field that ALL LL should be given one year to incorporate.
    Govt would force lenders to facilitate this and would NOT charge LL CGT etc for converting to corporate status.
    No LL would be allowed to operate without a Company no.
    That would result in an effective National LL register.
    Such a corporate strategy would not be popular among many LL especially ME!
    But a level playing field should be the case for all those involved in lettings of any sort.
    Such a corporate status should then enable LL to receive appropriate financial assistance when Govt deems it necessary.
    The likelihood of another CV19 situation must surely occur again.
    Govt needs to ensure that the vast PRS is protected from feckless tenants not paying rent.
    The logistics to achieve this are massive and would not be welcomed by many LL.
    But I believe it would be fair to all overall if ALL LL were forced to become companies.
    There are of course advantages and disadvantages to having LL all at corporate status not the least it would COMPLETE negate the ridiculous Govt S24 tax policy.

    But politically that could be probably sold to dopey GR as Govt taking over control of the PRS.
    Of course none of this will occur and LL will continue falling through the gaps in the Govt financial assistance facing penury in the future and possibly even bankruptcy.
    I think many LL have just realised how fragile their financial circumstances are in fact are.
    They will be reflecting on how to cope now and certainly what they need to do for the future to be more financially resilient to better cope with another similar CV19 crisis.
    The idiot Chinese are still indulging in their ridiculous wet markets.
    This being the case along with the vast amounts of Chinese tourists the potential for another CV19 crisis is an aircraft flight away.

    All very concerning!!


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