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All eyes on Jenrick after Scotland extends its evictions ban

It’s regarded as extremely likely that Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick will announce an extension to the eviction ban in England today.

Pleas have been made by the Labour Party, charities and activists for the current ban on bailiff-enforced evictions - which expires on January 11 - to be extended.

The pressure is now higher following news that the ban on private rental evictions in Scotland has been formally extended by two months.


The previous Scottish ban was due to expire on January 22 but First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says evictions would now only go ahead in limited cases such as anti-social behaviour or domestic abuse.





Sturgeon says: “It’s become even more important to stop people from needing to find a new home or perhaps from having to move in with a different household.

“For that reason the regulations to prevent the enforcement of eviction notices will be extended until March 31 in all Level 3 and Level 4 areas, which of course right now is the entirety of Scotland.

“And if necessary the regulations can be extended further after that date.”

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  • George Dawes

    The March budget should be interesting ... rishi and his banker pals will be thinking up ever more ridiculous reasons to fleece / destroy the working and middle classes for their global elite's twisted agenda

    Wealth / property tax , In-life inheritance tax , climate twaddle tax , global warming etc etc , you can just imagine all the crap they're going to come out with to pay for the virus with a 98.5% survival rate

  • icon
    • 08 January 2021 10:26 AM

    Maybe he will go for a tax on your tax......?

  • icon

    Why would the pressure be on just because the county of Scotland have extended the ban? Since when do we follow their lead!



    I like your use of "county". R is no longer available for words in Scotland as they are all needed as prefixes for the SHOLES running the county.

  • icon

    Scotland have a tenants loan scheme - by all means prevent evictions but at least support the LL. A tenant building up a debt which is then set against a loan which must be repaid is much less likely to stop paying just because they can.


    ie... we don't care what you do, or how you pay for it... just give us our money ???



    Would you rather have no tenant loans and easy evictions?

    PS. You're right - it is OUR money - and our properties!


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