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 Students demand immediate rent rebates and government assistance

Over two thirds of student renters are worried about their ability to pay rent with around a quarter having been unable to pay rent or bills during the pandemic.

The figures - from a new survey by the National Union of Students - has found that almost half of students live in rented accommodation of some sort, with around a third believing they would not be allowed to leave their tenancy agreement early due to the pandemic.

“These problems are likely to be exacerbated with the most recent lockdown announcement that has left the majority of student renters still liable to pay for accommodation that they are not allowed to access” says the NUS.


Its study of over 4,000 students shows that 57 per cent of those who have been self-isolating have not received any support from their accommodation provider - whether that’s a private landlord or college authorities - while the NUS itself says it would expect more frequent check-ins, financial support and food deliveries to support them.

The proportion of students living with parents or guardians has gone up since September, now representing 30 per cent of students compared to 21 per cent. 

Prior to the pandemic a quarter of students were living with parents indicating some students have had to reconsider their living arrangements as a result of the pandemic.



Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, NUS vice-president for higher education, says: “It is astonishing that the UK government has placed students under lockdown yet are still requiring them to pay rent for accommodation that they cannot legally access. It goes to show the level of disregard that this government has for students.

“We need rent rebates immediately to ensure that students are not out of pocket for rental payments of properties they are not living in. Over two-thirds of students are already concerned about their ability to make rental payments, and this will have only increased with the most recent lockdown announcement. 

“Students deserve better than to be financially punished for following public health guidance.”

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    As I have pointed out before I had enough of renting to students in the 90 so don't do so now, however uni students are generally over 18, so in the eyes of the law, and no doubt their eyes as well, are adults, so welcome to the big, wide open and often unfair world snowflakes, put your big boy pants on and man up.

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    Students please take note. Question I will be asking when you have your entitled position with company perks and company car working for a corporate
    ‘Did you pay your rent in the pandemic?’
    And if the answer is even a hesitation then....

    Mark Wilson

    No wonder you are posting here if this is you see things!


    Mark W , it would seem as normal you are the odd one out on here, but then with your uni degree and letters after your name you must know best ??



    Would you employ people who don't meet contractual obligations?

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    What are they using their Student Loan for? I'm sure they are still receiving them!


    And it's not really a loan is it ? 90% of them will never pay it off.

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    • 15 January 2021 10:12 AM

    You bet they are...!!!!

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    The answer is government help, instead of sending student's all the loan money, deduct the rent legally owed rent to the accommodation provider, pay the Landlord directly and send the remainder to to the student.
    Alternatively the government could assist the students with the rent owed, in which they can pay part or all of the rent on the students behalf, it is ridiculous to expect the accommodation provider to cover the legally owed debt due to the pandemic.

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    Why are they even thinking that they are entitled to a rent reduction. Tenancy agreements state that rent is due and the only time it is NOT DUE is when the insurance states the property is not habitable due to say a fire or flooding and the landlord then has an obligation LEGALLY to provide alternate accommodation.
    All stuents note, live with it, everyone else is so why do you think you are entitled to be treated any different?
    Answers on a postcard.

  • George Dawes

    When they get a job and actually contribute to society I’ll start taking notice of these .... Sorry not going to swear on here . 😂


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