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Labour call to name and shame rogue landlords

A Labour councillor in a Green Party-controlled local authority wants the body to name and shame rogue landlords on a publicly-available database.

Councillor Gill Williams - who was chair of the housing committee when Labour ran Brighton and Hove council - is moving the proposal at a meeting on Wednesday. 

Local media in the city say Williams is urging that “this Housing Committee declares an intention to adopt a zero tolerance approach to rogue landlords”.


Brighton and Hove News quotes Williams as saying: “It is recognised that the majority of private sector landlords in the city make a positive contribution to housing in our city and this is valued.

“However, a recent report revealed that almost half of private renters in the south east were victims of illegal acts by landlords.

“We have provided much-needed extra funding for the private rented sector enforcement team and have recruited more staff to tackle this problem in our city.”

The motion will also propose “that a database of rogue landlords where action has been successfully taken should be made available on Brighton and Hove City Council website”.


The Green Party, which is in favour of rent controls, runs a minority-led administration in Brighton & Hove Council.

The Green councillor who leads the authority, Phélim Mac Cafferty, was last week criticised for flying to the COP26 conference; he later apologised, blaming the unreliability of the rail network for his choice of transport.

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    • 15 November 2021 07:08 AM

    Can we have the same for rogue tenants?

    Theodor Cable

    We should definitely have the same for tenants, but of course, the relevant LL organisations who are supposed to take care of LL issues will sit on their lazy bums and do bu**er all on behalf of those whose money they steal.

    And forever it will it so.

    Fire them all.

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    • 15 November 2021 07:10 AM

    Green/Labour/libtard incompetent morons, always targeting the hardworking class.

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    Labour are a bunch of Idiots, do they really think Rogue Landlords care about being named and shamed. If these Landlords had any sense of shame they would not become Rogue Landlord in the first instance.
    I totally agree with taking action against such Landlords, but stop trying to make all Landlords look bad in the Public’s eye.


    Your final sentence explains their true motives.

    They just want to have all landlords' reputations harmed by association.

    They're not interested in helping tenants or they would start by improving Council properties which are more dangerous than privately rented accommodation.

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    There is a national database of rogue landlords . It has been amazingly successful it has 10 names on it. Just in case you don't understand what I'm saying - I'm being sarcastic.

    Maybe it may not be such a bad thing that Brighton has a rogue landlords list when all I predict all they can find is one or two names to put on it. Perhaps also they keep a list of rogue counsellors at the same time ie those which have been suspended or removed. If it is anything like my local council I put my money on which list would be the largest.


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