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Landlords back private leasing deal working with councils

Landlords have welcomed an initiative to provide £30m to work with the private rental sector to end homelessness.

Local authorities in Wales are expected to be able to use this funding to support a nationwide private rented sector leasing scheme.

The scheme will allow local authorities to lease properties from private landlords to provide homes for those experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. Landlords will be offered guaranteed rent payments and contributions towards improvements to the properties.


Private sector leasing schemes provide improved access to accommodation for households in need and balance the risks faced by landlords when working with tenants who can be difficult to reference or have an atypical rental history.

Responding to the announcement, the National Residential Landlords Association’s policy director Chris Norris, says: “We cautiously welcome the announcement of funding for greater use of private rented property to help end homelessness in Wales.

“The NRLA is yet to see much of the detail of how the action plan will be enacted, however we are pleased this initiative recognises the positive role played by private landlords in providing good quality homes for those in the greatest need.

“Private sector leasing schemes such as that included in the [Welsh Government’s] Ending Homeless Action Plan can be beneficial to landlords and tenants as well as providing cost effective housing solutions for local government.”

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  • George Dawes

    Wales , not England thank god

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    I hardly think that the two faced NRLA actually count as landlords, they are as trustworthy as a fox in a chicken coop!
    There are very few landlords in Wales that would even consider getting into any relationship with their local authority especially as the current Welsh administration are seriously considering additional taxes on second homes and rent caps.

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    Any landlord anywhere in the UK would be well advised NOT to get into a relationship with councils or government, the kind of tenants that they would house in our properties would be the tenants from hell who are best suited to low life council estates.

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    Unfortunately Wales is used as a nursery for new legislation.


    Unfortunately the SNP is still way ahead in screwing up the PRS and its landlords and tenants than its left wing Welsh cronies.

    In December 2017 it outlawed fixed term tenancies, even where both landlord and tenants wanted this. It drastically reduced the grounds for repossession of the landlord's own property and allowed all tenants to leave at any time on 4 weeks notice. Some tenants even use this as an opportunity to rent a property for one month at long term rental rates and so landlords can be faced with paying a 6 week rental fee to letting agents and be 2 weeks' rent down with more costs to find new tenants.

    The SNP were warned of the pitfalls of their legislation and its effect on rents increasing for decent tenants but ignored it all.

    Market rents went up around 30% in early 2018 for the best propertiesas a direct result of this attack on our business.

    Recently we have seen the real costs of energy price caps and increasing insurance premiums looming. These hurt those with the common sense to shop around for the best deals but DON'T help the feckless who couldn't be bothered to make the effort to shop around, instead EVERYONE will now pay more for energy and insurance.

    Despite the evidence of what happens to energy bills when we become overly reliant on unreliable renewables and foreign powers whist becoming less self sufficient in reliable nuclear and fossil fuels, we have the usual idiots clamouring for us to ignore the cleaner energy stored here underground or in nearby coastal waters

    A bit earlier banks were prevented from penalizing those who breached their agreements and had unauthorised overdrafts. Now they charge up to 39.9% for all overdrafts, hurting EVERY debtor irrespective of how responsibly they operated their overdrafts.

    Despite all the evidence of the harm done when Governments interfere, the SNP and its even worse little green helpers are he'll bent on imposing rent controls in Scotland.

    I think this will be a disaster for decent Scottish tenants but landlords will have their rents raised as much as possible before the legislation comes in and will continue to increase rents by the maximum allowed at the highest frequency allowed. We must do so for self preservation but that doesn't mean we won't have sympathy for the decent tenants caught up in this nightmare!

    The Welsh lefties will have a lot to think about, and many consequences to ignore, over the years ahead!

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    Why use private LL to do your job, you have spent the last 15 years doing your utmost to destroy us.
    Its disgraceful to see anyone sleeping rough on the streets in a wealthy Country at any time of year, you hold your pets in higher regard. The local Authorities should be fined for not doing their job, how about a £5k to £30k penalty like they have willy-nilly for private LL’s, even for the Council employees who are in a position for carrying out this duty instead of big salaries for nothing only to cripple PRS. So now you have another £30m of tax payers money to spare get out there tonight and get them under cover. I think you are too obsessed complaining LL’s who already supply good quality housing. I am sure those misfortune human beings down on their luck for any number of reasons would love to get under the roof of an F or a G, you morons.
    Regarding NRLA I am not going to knock them as we don’t have many places to turn to for support although I was much happier when Mr Richard Lambert was CEO a brilliant guy.


    Sole traders and partners, along with many company directors can be held directly responsible for their screw ups, whether deliberate or through incompetence.

    The same should apply to highly paid public sector employees who currently get off Scot free and even worse can force private individuals to risk bankruptcy if they decide to exercise their right to have decisions tested in court. No come back on the public sector employees if they lose!

    I have just read the harrowing account of the murder of a vulnerable boy, cruelly murdered by his step mother where social work staff had been alerted but failed to protect him.

    I don't expect any sanctions will be taken against incompetent staff and note that the big boss has recently retired after failing to properly manage two separate Council's social work departments.

    Public sector needs a root and branch overhaul from top to bottom!


    Yes Robert I wholeheartedly agree, it's not as if it's the first time is it ? it's the old '' lessons have been learn't '' public sector, police included, cover each others backs and get away with murder. In this case police and social services are guilty of corporate manslaughter .

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    Andrew on a lighter note from yesterday, take no notice of London prices. Even if one London property is worth more than your 4 or command more rent than all, if you get one property empty you still have income from 3 other, better spread if one expensive is empty you have nothing .


    Was it Frank Sinartra that sang '' I did it my way''.


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