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Practical tips to help landlords go green, from lettings agency chief

A prominent lettings agency chief says tenants are becoming more eco-conscious, putting increased emphasis on landlords to meet expectations.

Mike Cook - director of lettings at Leaders Romans Group - says as far back as 2010, surveys suggested investors believed green buildings would become more valuable in years to come. 

“So it’s now time for buy to let property owners to take a closer look at future-proofing their homes and investments for years to come” urges Cook.


The UK government is looking to cut emissions across the country by 68 per cent by 2030 and has made it clear the rental sector must contribute; meanwhile the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has ruled that from April 2025 all rental homes must have an EPC of band C or above. 

Cook urges landlord to take advantage of the government’s Green Homes Grant scheme but acknowledges that it has major problems - some 95 per cent of the initial funding has been unspent because of hitches in paying grants and installers.

He says: “This mixed messaging from the Government risks hampering the progress made by the lettings sector. Instead, funding should be encouraged and promoted more to landlords to increase awareness and uptake for those who may not have been aware of the support, and the importance of going green further emphasised.”

Cook continues: “Outside of government support, landlords can also benefit from Green reward mortgages. Supported by Foundation Home Loans these are available for private rental sector properties that already have an EPC rating of C or above.”

He adds: “The loan has been designed to support those landlords who have made environmentally-friendly choices with their properties and helps offset the costs of the improvements. Additionally, landlords who use the scheme will benefit from an ‘early re-mortgage’ basis, and won’t have to wait the usual six months before re-mortgaging an improved property to the lender.”


By taking on greener changes across a property - even small factors like pointing out recycling times to tenants - landlords will make themselves and their properties more appealing, especially if they mean that a better EPC rating means lower energy bills.

Cook concludes: “There is a growing focus on green homes across the country. We know more tenants are seeking energy-efficient homes and the benefits they bring, such as an improved quality of living, a potential reduction in fuel bills and the sense that you are doing your bit for the planet. Now is the time for the lettings sector to embrace the next big challenge and step up to help turn the industry green.”

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    Will tenants pay higher rents for greener properties?


    They won't want to, but I expect they will have to.

    • 24 March 2021 09:16 AM

    They will have to........I am not paying for it.

    So - Whoops - The Govt. have forced up rental prices again.

    Well done boys. You really do get more stupid by the day!!!!!

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    Strange. 26 years in the job, a spread of lets from Cornwall to Norfolk and nobody has ever mentioned green to me.


    I'm in Norfolk Adrian, Norwich and suburbs, Dereham, Attlebourgh and one just over the boarder in Lowestoft, no tenant of mine has expressed an intrest in ''green'' either

    Algarve  Investor

    Regardless, it's no bad thing to aim for better energy efficiency if that isn't already the case. Means lower bills for you or your tenant - depending on the model you employ - and is good for the environment.

    Just a shame the government has got the Green Homes Grant rollout so spectacularly wrong. Truly disastrous in every single sense of the word. Then again, the Environment Secretary is George Eustice who has the press nickname of Useless. So maybe it's not so surprising after all.

    • 24 March 2021 16:37 PM

    Same here......How do I get it?
    Please let me know.


    Maybe Algarve but hey it could be a lot worse the other side could have won in the last election then where would we be


    Snettisham and Cromer Andrew. Virtually neighbours.

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    green=nonense--just a money scam

    and bills swill still rise--fixed costs etc

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    New Boilers disaster, so expensive, so unreliable, spares cost a fortune, Gas Engineers don’t work cheap, Technology worst thing ever happened , old Boilers hardly ever Broke down, fleets of Service Vans on the road trying to keep them going and make more traffic & pollution. We didn’t have all those over the Regulations or Digital Academics without Technology they are just inventing soft living for themselves, even the Census was a farce have the population weren’t able to do it or put down anything to go shut of it. Keep on you will crash everything go sure.


    I have a Worcester and a Baxi both over 25 yrs old still going strong, new boilers last 7 - 10 yrs if you are lucky .

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    I have thrown one Potterton / Baxi heat only 5 years, although most are Vaillant among the most expensive but that’s only part of the story repeated call outs, now this morning messages 2 more with problems, it’s LL’s nightmare never ever used to be like this, this is not efficiently or economic.


    I had 2 Vaillant boilers 1 lasted 7 yrs the other is nearly 10 yrs old, I don't expect that one will go on much longer, new boilers, even those from supposedly good manufactures, are rubbish, might as well buy cheap and throw away when they go wrong .


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