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Do you wish you could change your Brexit referendum vote?

A third of landlords surveyed in a poll this month say they wish they could now change the way they voted in the 2016 EU Referendum - but the large majority say the result has not impacted negatively on buy to let.

More than 80 per cent say Brexit has been neither good nor bad according to the study by Intus Lettings.

The research found that 56 per cent also stuck by their vote from the 2016 referendum while 32 per cent said they would now change their vote if they could. The survey does not detail how the vote change would go - Remain to Leave, or Leave to Remain. 


Hope McKendrick, head of lettings at Intus Lettings, says: “Brexit cast a long shadow over the last few years and plenty of people were concerned about how it would impact the property market. 

“It’s incredibly encouraging to see so many landlords say that Brexit hasn’t had a negative impact on the market, and that’s reflected in the high demand for property sales and purchases we’re seeing across the country.”

“The outlook for the next year is also solid. A quarter of those we spoke to said they were very confident about the buy-to-let market outlook in the next 12 months — and a future 41 per cent were somewhat confident.”

The survey of 500 landlords, undertaken by One Poll on behalf of Intus Lettings, also revealed that the average rental income per property is over £20,000, with 14 per cent of landlords taking in over £35,000 per year per property.

McKendrick concludes: “Our research found that landlords own, on average, 2.1 properties each, and 63 per cent say they’re planning to buy another property within the next five years.

“This is really good news for the rental sector; it shows that landlords are feeling confident about the state of the market.”

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    Nonsense survey. Why would Landlords vote differently now compared to general public? What about a survey for Postmen or Plumbers.
    Anyway It’s Brexit we’ve left we should be looking forward not backwards

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    Best thing this Country has done for Years, and the EU Politicians have shown what nasty controlling People they are. Glad they made themselves look stupid and incompetent over the Covid vaccination, just sorry for ordinary Europeans that have suffered as a result.


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