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Landlords face bill of over £60,000 over multiple housing offences

Two landlords of a property in East London have been ordered to pay costs and fines totalling £61,057.05 after they were prosecuted for multiple housing offences.

John Renvoize and Dedar Shah owners of a seven bed property in Dagenham were ordered to pay the fines following a case at Romford Magistrate Court.

Following an inspection of the property in January 2018, Renvoize (alone) was served with an Improvement Notice after officers identified multiple category 1 and category 2 hazards. These included fire and electrical safety issues, position and condition of cookers in the kitchen and the potential of structural damage, due to a loose wall at the front of the property – which he ignored.


Inspectors were also concerned by the unsecured back door, which could invite intruders as well as domestic hygiene issues and pests.

As this was ignored, Renvoize was issued with a fine of £23,400.

Following this, both Renvoize and Shah were summoned to court and were found guilty of:

- breaching Housing Management regulations, which resulted in fines of £3,500 and £500;

- failing to comply with an Improvement Notice – fines of £5,000 and £2,000;

- failing to licence a House in Multiple Occupation – fines equalled £6,800 and £2,800.



A council spokeswoman says: “To be a landlord and provide housing for other people is something that you should take pride in and want to make sure that the tenants live in good conditions.

“These two landlords have failed to do so, and have actually put their tenants in danger and now have to pay a huge amount of money in fines.

“I would like this to send a warning to other landlords, if you’re not following the rules, we will find you and take action.”

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    What ever the rights & wrongs of the case is, it goes to show this Council Spokesperson knows very little about Private Sector Housing. She should know at the minimum all LL management rights have been removed to make him powerless. To this end the Council takes money off any LL they want, its an extortion racket. They take control from the LL then fine him for not being in Control square that circle. When they excluded LL from his property only with Tenants say so sub-letting and over crowding started and all the Associated Problems that goes we it. Many convictions are not safe if you have no Authority you can’t have Responsibility can they not take that onboard.

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    Domestic hygiene issues did the Tenant not know how to clean .


    The great unwashed.


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