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Council appeals to private landlords to help with homelessness problem

Landlords in a Midlands city are being asked to help find safe places to live for homeless individuals and families.

The council in Nottingham says private landlords who may have an empty home or space for a new tenancy should get in touch to help give people a home.

The council’s Nottingham Private Rented Assistance Scheme aims to reduce the number of families at risk of homelessness, by providing landlords with free or low-cost services.


In the last year, local landlords have helped NPRAS to house 409 homeless households in the city through this route.

Landlords who join NPRAS are given support with what the council describes as ”a free lettings service” which includes tenant finding and referencing with accompanied viewings, advanced payments of deposits or bonds and monthly rent, and free administration including all legal paperwork, Right To Rent checks and Tenancy Agreements.

The council also offers a detailed inventory, with photos, at the start of the tenancy, Universal Credit and Housing Benefit payments sent directly to landlords, plus a written bond allowing landlords to claim for damage or rent arrears directly from NPRAS.

The council also offers a so-called low-cost management service for £35 per month which includes regular inspections, safety checks, rent collection, tenancy management and mediation and end of tenancy check outs, including inspections and inventories.


The council is offering to invite any interested landlords to a Microsoft Teams event to learn more about the scheme, the types of tenants the team have housed and find out what support NPRAS can offer.

The event is on June 23 at 6pm for 45 minutes. Anyone wishing to attend should email npras@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or for any enquiries – npras.co.uk or telephone 0115 8761644.

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    ‘The council also offers a so-called low-cost management service for £35 per month’
    In other words subsidised by the local council tax payer and def on the side of the tenant.
    ANYONE engaging with this would be crazy.
    Who has a house and cannot let it immediately in 2021 to multiple applicants?

  • icon

    No problem finding proper working tenants here in Norwich, certainly would not get involved with the loony left council we have here.

  • icon

    The bare faced cheek of the council asking landlords for help after all the crap they heap on us.

  • icon

    This will be amusing if Mick Roberts sees this. He's spent the last few years doing battle with Nottingham Council, especially over their crazy licencing that has driven hundreds of landlords to despair and caused them to exit the market. Totally obvious to the landlord community ... hey ho


    I often hear this sentiment: "driven hundreds of landlords to despair and caused them to exit the market"

    Is there any evidence (hard data) that this has happened . Just interested that's all

  • icon

    Nottingham council it's simples..you reap what you sow 😂😂😂

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    I guess in the current climate (rental demand), one would only work with the council if Housing benefit tenants were all you could secure? Perhaps in the worst areas of the city where it would be difficult to let out?


    In my area (Norfolk) there is an area, Gt Yarmouth, where landlords have to consider benefit claimants because that's about all you will find there, for that reason I have never purchased anything there even though property prices are very much lower there

  • icon

    gy is awful

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Are these the same councils who implement Licensing schemes and impose Civil penalties of up to £30 k on Landlords ? !!!
    Govt have set Councils up as the ' Fall guys ' ( although many have taken to the role and relish it, especially the Labour Councils )


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