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Why are tenancy disputes still happening?

Fixflo has another of its webinars coming up in just under a fortnight’s time, at 11am on May 27, with this one given over to the vexed subject of tenancy disputes.

This data-led webinar - titled Why Are Tenancy Disputes Still Happening? - promises to look at the reasons behind why there were 34,993 deposit disputes in 2020. It will also debate the best practices agents should consider adopting, focussing on inventory, repair reporting and check-out.  

Speakers includes popular agent and PropTech expert Kristjan Byfield, who calls himself ‘Mission Commander’ of The Depositary, and Alison MacDougall, director of resolution at the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.


As usual the moderator will be Fixflo managing director Rajeev Nayyar.



Attendees will have a chance to pose questions through a moderated Q&A session, and registrants will have priority access to a recording of the webinar. 

You can register here

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    Is the answer 'Because tenants are still failing to look after the houses they rent'?


    Also because Shelter, Generation Rant etc. make them think they can avoid any sanctions, so they dispute everything.

    Result is we factor this into our rents, so yet again decent tenants pay for the "support" and "protection" which Shelter etc. claim to provide.

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    Like having 2 dogs when they weren’t allowed, removing my Shower enclosure with tray completely, forming constructing Dog Bath in substitution complete with front masonry kerb 50cm high, 1m wide wall to wall x 60cm ceramic tiled, it leaked as well so that’s what I am currently doing removing and putting back how it was. The floor and surrounding wood work has rottend away and now taking it out in builders bags. So great animal pet lovers caused me this, any other lucky LL’s with a dog Bath.


    No pets is the only way to avoid such risks.

    Responsible pet owners should blame other pet owners, not sensible landlords.

  • Kristjan Byfield

    The primary cause of dispute relates to poor documentation and evidence. We will discuss this and so much more in the webinar- we hope you will join us.


    Experienced landlords can deal with such situations themselves without paying third parties.

    I have been offered an inventory service for £60 plus VAT a time, which would have cost me around £15000 over the last 20 odd years. I haven't lost anything like that in replacing damaged or lost inventory. Similarly I reckon I have saved around £30000 by not paying for contents insurance and over £20000 by not paying for appliance breakdown cover, boiler cover etc.

    Paying to avoid unforeseen costs can be even more costly!

  • George Dawes

    I don't mind a gerbil or pet rock

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    So they are asking a question why are Tenancy Disputes still happening. The answer is simple, outside interference making loads of one sided rules removing LL’s rights while giving every credence to Tenants and maybe 3 times deposit paid back to them or even the rent returned absolute nonsense, if we have major damage do we get compensated 3 times the amount, no probably nothing.
    When we were allowed to run our Business and have control over our property there was no 35’000 disputes in a year were there ? Where is your data for that, so the problems are your interference and injustices,


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