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Lettings chief gives advice on preparing rental units for pets

Momentum for pets to routinely be allowed in rental properties has chiefly come from politicians and tenant groups - but now a lettings manager at a Build To Rent company is offering tips for landlords who want to allow pets in.

Nick Woodward, head of lettings at Essential Living, says: “We are glad to have continued permitting dog-friendly access, as not only do dogs encourage daily exercise but they also help reduce stress and prevent loneliness.”

And he has given tips to landlords, other owners or even tenants who have pets on how to best manage their properties to ensure least damage.


Protect Flooring: Woodward says that whilst rugs are ideal for making spaces look welcoming and cosy, they are also ideal to help protect a pet from scratching or slipping on hard flooring. Wool is especially easy to clean.

Baby Gates: For apartments with balconies, a baby gate is crucial to stop a pet venturing somewhere dangerous. The best option to cause minimum damage to your property is a pressure-mounted gate, as it is easy to use and doesn’t require drilling into the wall. If the property has stairs, you may need to install a permanent or hardware-mounted gate drilled into the wall for safety - Woodward obviously tells tenants to consult landlords prior to this.



Safe Cleaning Products: From carpet shampoo to stain removers and laundry detergent, there are pet-safe cleaning products that you can buy. There are also lots of natural cleaning products you can use to break down grease and grime which won’t harm pets or be as damaging to the environment, such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice.

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  • Mark Wilson

    Articles like this just make me laugh!


    Damage done to other people's property by animals is no laughing matter.

    Message to pet owners:

    Don't buy a pet before you buy your own place to live.

    No one has the right to impose animal filth on others.

    PS. I like many animals, usually medium rare with a nice claret.


    @ Robert Brown, I prefer a single malt


    Claret with the dead animal.

    Single malt after.

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  • Sian Hemming-Metcalfe  InventoryBase

    Useful but doesn't go far enough.

    To protect the deposit landlords need to not only invest in the fabric of the property but in robust, comprehensive property inspections reports and maintain a regular inspection process to nip issues in the bud.

    More and more tenants (75.5% according the latest review by The Deposits Service) are initiating deposit disputes so it makes sense for landlords (private, BTL, RTB and BTR) to have all the evidence needed otherwise they will lose claim after claim as dispute services are appearing to be more stringent in what they need and will accept from landlords.

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    Mark, don’t laugh its not at all funny I spent weeks currently putting right the damage by 2 dogs & their owners, replacing shower room and all laminate type flooring never mind the grease, water damage to kitchen because of misuse, we don’t need to go walking for exercise, (work would be good exercise for Tenant) constant interference what we must do, not only we can’t say no to DSS now we can’t say no to dogs what’s the next one.

    • 25 June 2021 09:58 AM

    With the way it's going, soon we'll be forced to accept ex murderers and rapists in our properties. 🙄

    Maybe they should give advice on how to repair damages and how much it will cost!

  • Judith Stokes

    Title made it sound as though law was changing.
    My tenant + dog is in the throes of moving out. Place is a tip, dog comes in from garden runs around flat, mud everywhere, not to mention dog hair.
    Agree, landlords get enough exercise cleaning after these people.

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    The best advice would be to not leave your pets at home all day, exercise them appropriately and to train them. That would mean talking responsibility though, ........... aahh that word 'responsibility', ......unfortunately rarely something Momentum champion!

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    This is getting a bit stale. Come on landlord today. Pick a different subject other than.

    1. Pets
    2. Shelters demands
    3 Energy Efficiency certificates.
    4. Anything that Shelter is spouting.

    Please can we have some meaningful articles with sound analysis that has been done with some level of rigger rather than the constant loop of same topics

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    Government say just give them your property and forget you own it ffs


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