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Council claims landlord licensing helps stop falling house prices

Residents and landlords are to be consulted by yet another council wanting to renew its selective licensing regime - saying it helps stop house prices falling.

Two schemes in Burnley are due to come to an end in November.

The council has been operating selective licensing since October 2008, as part of what it claims is “a wider regeneration strategy for the borough.”


The local authority says its aim is to support landlords and tenants and improve housing management in the private rented sector “to help tackle issues such as falling house prices, anti-social behaviour, and general deprivation.”

A report to the council has said that both areas had seen improvements in the five years that selective licensing has been operating there. 

These apparently include a fall in the number of housing disrepair complaints received by the council have reduced, improvements to property and area security measures, and a decrease in empty houses. 

“There has also been a fall in anti social behaviour and environmental crime, and a rise in average house prices” says the council.


Councillor John Harbour, responsible for housing, says: “Selective licensing has been effective in improving certain areas of our borough and tenants, landlords and the wider communities have all benefited from the initiative.

“It’s now time to consider whether selective licensing should continue in these areas and we want to hear from all those effected so we can make an informed decision.”

An 11-week public consultation is likely to start on August 9. 

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    Council talks some nonsense how could house prices fall in Burnley they are already as cheap as chips.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Oh I laughed so hard when I read this article ;-)))

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    Labour Councillors (in particular) do talk some rubbish - they live in a fantasy land ! Licencing schemes are revenue raisers - they have had little effect on anti-social behaviour, which is the main justification for the schemes - the main effect has been to increase rents!
    In Nottingham we have the highest charges in the country for the 5 year licences - Nottingham City Council do little to administer the schemes - I gave just paid my 3rd licence fees on 2 of my student houses - these 2 houses have never been inspected!!!!!!

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Did you hear on LBC last night, Tom Swarbrick, talking about Redbridge Council - they got a guy dressed up in a costume with No arse covering at the back, with a big false p enis, hanging from the front, - to go to a kids 6 to 11 years library event !
    Eventually, someone from the council reacting to complaints, got him withdrawn.
    If you don't believe me, there's a photo of the guy in costume on Tom Swarbricks twitter and LBC.
    Apparently there was some other outrageous stunt they pulled at Redbridge back in February too !

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    Licensing is complete waste of time I recently bought a property in the north west which had a license only to find it wasn't up to scratch when I applied for my license I ticked the box to say it wasn't up to standard but they issued my license with no delay, no inspection or even a phone call to ask why the already licensed property was below standard they just took the money and issued the license, obviously I'm doing the work but I dare say nothing would happen if I didn't


    Proof that it is just a stealth tax and provides no benefits to tenants what so ever.

  • George Dawes

    What planet are this lot living on ?


    planet benefits

  • George Dawes

    There’s a bike shed thing that Khan put in our road despite everyone objecting

    Nobody ever uses it and all it does is block the traffic

  • icon

    Good God, how to justify the usual money making licensing scam. I shelled out over £600 per house 3 years ago as did loads of other landlords. The neighbourhood hasn't changed one iota, haven't seen hide nor hair from the council once I had the piece of paper. I'm expecting another round of legalised theft in a couple of years time .... gotta keep all those council flunkies in feather cushioned jobs and pensions!


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