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Get Rich Quick courses in spotlight after MP’s intervention

The potential dangers of Get Rich Quick property investment schemes have been highlighted once again, this time by an MP.

Some 18 months ago the Daily Telegraph reported that army veteran Danny Butcher had taken his own life following participation in a course. 

The newspaper made clear that there was no evidence that the suicide was connected with the course but stated “the appeal of such courses to vulnerable people who may already be in financial difficulty.”


Now Nick Fletcher, Conservative MP for Don Valley, has raised the case in a Facebook post highlighting the need for guidance for military veterans.

Fletcher wrote: “Today I asked the Minister for Veteran Affairs, Leo Docherty MP, what the Ministry of Defence is doing to ensure that departing service personnel are given guidance on how to avoid questionable money-making schemes and fully integrated into civilian life once they are discharged.

“This comes after the tragic suicide of Danny Butcher, a British Army veteran who sadly took his own life after investing in a dubious scheme that saw him lose his savings.

“I want to ensure that this does not happen to any veterans in the future.

“Our servicemen and women have put their life on the line to keep our country safe. It is therefore paramount that the MoD ensures that everyone who leaves the Armed Forces has the ability to thrive in civilian life.”

In his response the minister says: “Every veteran’s suicide is an absolute tragedy, and we must seek to learn lessons from this. We are working to ensure that all service leavers have adequate financial educational awareness…specifically with regard to debt, household financial management and mortgages.”

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    I think most of us have a great deal of time for our service men and women, problem here is that they have all been housed and looked after by the services done their 21 yrs and out into the big wide world at around 40 yrs of age with little idea as to how the outside world works, there is no such thing as '' get rich quick schemes '' it all takes time and hard work.

  • Theodor Cable

    Well said...Very well said.

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    I am Danny butchers sister. Danny paid for courses with Samuel leeds ltd and never received the value he was promised. When Danny questioned the company he got blocked from the groups and ignored. This cut Danny as he was now in debt with nothing for it. Samuel since has never contacted our family or even showes an ounce of remorse and even worse has not learnt from lessons that could have been put into practice. I now have lost my brother, a son lost his father, a young widow and my parents lost their son, all in the name of greed

    Theodor Cable

    So sorry to hear that.
    Call a newspaper?

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    The electrician I use is ex RAF, he left the RAF and retrained, he's been self employed around 10 yrs, and I've been using him all that time, a first rate electrician and a really nice helpful chap.


    I have found ex forces tradesmen to be excellent, getting the job done and no 9 to 5 mentality


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