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Radical shake up likely for private rental sector in N Ireland

It looks certain that a substantial number of pro-tenant reforms are to be introduced in Northern Ireland in the near future.

A Bill introduced to the Northern Ireland Assembly by communities minister Deirdre Hargey calls for:

- mandatory smoke and carbon monoxide detectors;


- mandatory periodic electrical checks;

- limits on tenancy deposit amounts;

- extended notice to quit periods; and  

- caps on rent increases.

Hargey says: “Private renters should have access to good-quality, affordable homes with peace of mind over the length and conditions of their rental contract. I want to see restrictions in rent increases and I want to extend the notice to quit, meaning we protect tenants when it comes to evictions.”

ARLA Propertymark spokesperson Daryl McIntosh says: “We welcome the proposal for additional safety measures for homes in the private rented sector, but it will be important to get the detail right to make sure they are effective in practice. 

“Other measures introduced to protect renters must not be to the detriment to of landlords. It is important to recognise that landlords make an essential contribution to local housing systems providing homes for those who need them.”

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  • girish mehta

    I don’t increase rent yearly. If this. Become then I will increase rent yearly
    Tenants will end up paying more rent and pay market rent


    My Glasgow rents went up by about 30% when the SNP brought its anti tenant legislation in December 2017.

    NI landlords can expect a similar result but NI tenants should get ready for higher rents and fewer properties to choose from.

    Theodor Cable

    Of course they will be the ones to suffer.

    Seems every time some idiot starts talking about rent control, LLs (including me), will start immediately to up the costs whilst they try and get it agreed by some new housing bill or the like.......

    By which time we will have cleaned up on extortianary increases that will cover any losses until they stop the rent control because it will be too high.

    We win again with little effort.



    I agree with everything except the little effort bit.

    Being a successful (and wealthy) BTL landlord takes a lot of effort!


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