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Cheaper Rents - tenants' protest scheduled for next week

Protesters in a part of the UK with high numbers of holiday lets will stage a demonstration next week demanding cheaper rents for residents and fewer holiday homes and short lets.

The protest is set for Truro in Cornwall on Saturday August 21 and has been advertised on Facebook as wanting “No more second homes. No more exorbitant rents. No more holiday lets over council homes. Enough is enough".

pastedGraphic.pngNewquay resident Bella Smith, described as the organiser of the protest, has told local news website Cornwall Live: "I decided to organise the demo primarily for two reasons - one, as a space for Cornish people to come together and be able to share their stories and experiences within this housing/rental crisis. Cornish people, from young people in retail to new families and near-elderly locals have been completely cut off from being able to access affordable housing.


“… The second key reason is to highlight to our six Cornwall MPs, Cornwall Council and our government in Westminster that we need urgent, substantial, material action to be taken now. No more tiny plasters onto a gaping wound. The measures being introduced by the council are nowhere near enough, they do nothing to solve the roots of the actual problem."


Protesters claim many potential long term rental units have been switched to Airbnb or other short let platforms, and say that in the popular coastal resort of Newquay - as of July 31 - there were only four properties to let advertised on Rightmove, costing £925 to £1,200 pcm.

They also claim that “dozens upon dozens” of former council homes in the county - bought under Right To Buy legislation - are now advertised on short let platforms in contravention of covenants imposed at the time of their sale.

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    Cheaper rents ? I'd like to see cheaper diesel at the pumps, non of us are going to have our wishes come true, move to an area with cheaper rents and / to a smaller property

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    Not allowed to do anything to earn honest money even with your own property. The thing people like this need to keep in mind it’s the punishment that government has imposed on landlords that directly affect the supply and the price of rent. Keep using the state and tax system as a weapon and see how many more of us move over. With property on the Cornish and Norfolk coasts it’s only the decent people in them at present stopping me trying holiday letting myself.

  • girish mehta

    Holiday let’s drive local economy, create jobs . And provide income for council as well. Tenants should not expect to live in mansions if they don’t want to pay . Change their expectations.start working hard and make life choices . Get out of freebie mind set

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    stop all benefits to those that refuse full time work--no work=no money

    in 2019 govt stated uk had 10 million neets ie fit people not in employment educashun or training

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Tenants need to listen to the background of Government intervention ( much at the behest of so-called Freeloader tenant support groups ) that have affected business decisions.

    This ranges from Tax, to regulation, financial penalties etc. Just look at the example of landlords being regulated out of business protection measures of renting to tenants with pets , by limiting the deposit that can be taken.
    ( Wales hasn't done this, and tenants with pets are usually happy to pay an extra figure to cover risk by their pets. Its Govt intervention that's prevented that )


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