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Afghan Refugees: Councils still asking landlords to come forward

Wiltshire council is the latest to ask private landlords who have affordable homes which are ready to let, to get in touch about a programme to house Afghan families.

The council is one of many local authorities across the UK who have offered to provide homes to families who are fleeing Afghanistan.

Currently it is already in the process of welcoming three families to the county - a process underway before the Taliban took over Afghanistan, which is expected to prompt more demand for refugee homes in the county. 


Wiltshire is now asking private landlords who have affordable property or properties to send in the details by completing a survey detailing types of property available or using the government portal for housing offers. 

The council will then keep these details and be in touch if they are needed. 

Wiltshire council says it’s awaiting further guidance from government however it is the council's intention to use affordable homes in the private rented sector or properties that are offered - as it did when support was offered to Syrian refugee families.

Some people have offered a room in their own homes, but the government has said that shared houses and general lodgings are not suitable.


Council leader Richard Clewer says: "We are asking private landlords that have a property which is ready to let to get in touch now so we can have the details to hand if they are needed and add them to the list we are already compiling. 

“We are waiting for the government to provide more information, however it will be helpful to know what can be made available. We are also talking to the Ministry of Defence about how we could support them using the significant number of empty MOD houses in the county as another option.”

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  • George Dawes

    Isn’t it the councils job ?

    Passing the buck as usual

  • icon

    They are looking for properties that are 'ready now' to put on a list they are compiling.
    Do they think landlords will wait around - for some unspecified period - with a 'ready' property until the Council decides whether or not they need them.


    The last 3 properties I've let have gone within a couple of days of marketing , so you are correct we will not be sitting on empty '' ready'' properties

  • icon

    Council employees seem to be of a certain type. Deluded!
    Why would I want to contact them and wait around to supply to a high risk tenant which refugees will fall into.
    To do this properly needs a proper gov support plan and management.
    I don’t provide that because Im not a trained counsellor & I don’t get extra to do this.
    Solution is that the gov/council commercial lease the property 5 years guaranteed payments and repairs etc then hand back. Otherwise it’s not happening end of story.


    I'll go along with that 5 yr lease to the gov, full repairing and insuring and handed back as it was at the start of the lease, you want any of my properties then that is the deal.

  • icon

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for hitting bad landlords who undercut the good and give the industry a bad name, but it is Interesting that councils (and central govt') have hammered good landlords as well as bad for years and are now asking for help (on their terms of course). Yes Jahan, quite right. "Council employees seem to be of a certain type. Deluded!"

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Need to be Looking for Landlords in Pakistan, Iran or other neighbouring Muslim countries !


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