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Does your tenant have a pet, even if you haven’t given permission?

An agency says its bizarre list of items left behind by departing tenants shows how many renters actually appear to keep pets - even if landlords have not agreed.

A survey of 500 landlords on the books of online agency Intus Lettings shows that amongst the least surprising items left behind at check out were clothes, appliances, discarded rubbish and post house party mess.

But some findings have been much more shocking.


Animals – dead and alive – were a common theme within landlords’ responses, with everything from unreported cats and dogs that had been living in the property against rental agreements, to the more unexpected: a rat in an oven, uncaged tarantula and ducks living in a bath. 

One landlord reported discovering a large lizard roaming the living room and another said they’d found a donkey living in the garden.

Hope McKendrick, head of lettings at Intus, says: “When you consider that 42 per cent of landlords say they have banned pets from their properties, the number who told us they had found animal life at their homes is considerable – and the vast array of species kept by tenants is bordering on the unbelievable. 

“It just goes to show how important it is to carry out regular inspections and have clear contracts and deposit policies in place in order for landlords to protect their properties.”

Other landlords reported finding sex toys, drug paraphernalia and alcohol, including one respondent who had found 64 empty Jack Daniels bottles stashed in the airing cupboard.


McKendrick continues: “Keeping tabs on rentals can be time consuming and stressful, particularly for the 50 per cent of landlords who have more than one buy-to-let, or those that live far away from properties.

“Seeking the support of a letting agent is a sure-fire way to keep nasty surprises to a minimum and ensure that if issues do arise, they’re dealt with swiftly and professionally.”

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    That’s a direct result of banning LL from the Property, keep LL out at all costs, now LL don’t visit in case of starting Tenant off and know the now consequence. We used to be able to check in reasonable daylight hours. I can tell much worse but I’ll resist.

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    I had a tenant who had a dog without permission. The letting agent failed to spot it - they removed it very time there was an inspection. When they left the garden was covered in poo, the laminate was ruined from pee and the kitchen cupboards were chewed - they were charged! This is just one example of irresponsible pet ownership that has forced me to adopt a 'no pets' rule


    If you had a tenant with a rhino without permission, I would definitely be with you. Complaining about an undeclared pooch comes across as OCD. Carpets get messed up and cupboards get chewed. In some cases the customers don't need pets for this to happen. That is the price of staying in the game. Are you a professional or an amateur?


    No pets means just that, whether a rhino or a white mouse.

    Landlords should decide who or what can be in their properties. No one else!

  • icon

    I had a Rottweiler left behind once when the tenant went to prison , what a problem I had getting rid of him, RSPCA useless, didn't want to know , he didn't have my permission, I would never give my permission for such a dog.

  • Theodor Cable

    Just leave the front door open??????????


    I told the RSPCA that, they came back with that they would prosecute me for abandoning the dog as he was now my responsibility, just like Shelter the RSPCA are a business paying their management obscene wages .


    Next time, leave the doors open but don't tell anyone!

  • Theodor Cable

    Take the dog to ther nearest RSPCS or take it Battersea Dog's Home......
    I am sure they cannot prosecute you if it accidently ran away?


  • girish mehta

    It’s the low life tenants who need to be educated about responsibilities. Not encouraged to take on pets when they can’t look after themselves. Politicians was to allow pets against their will? Who picks the tab the mess the tenant create. How can it be good for tenants mental health when they can’t look after their affairs. Landlords should have the final choice and tenants need to pay to keep the pet. That will weed out irresponsible tenants and suffering tp pets.

  • Theodor Cable

    Great. Well said.

  • icon

    Any pet in my property without permission is out, section or not. Fact and does and will happen. Tenant is history. My property my rules which tenant sign up to before given keys, keep it simple.

    Theodor Cable

    Fabulous - Totally correct and right.................

    My property refuses dogs, cats, budgies...

    Anything that smells & sh*ts......No animals at all, even many animals considered as humans, are actually filthy animals and are not allowed......

    My house...My decision.

  • Theodor Cable

    And especially those tenants who use my garden as a dump of dog s*it, cat poo and used female sanitary towels and baby nappies.....Over 450 in one case!!!!!!

    And when they leave, none of it gets cleaned up.

    So much filth and disgusting things....And they think it is all OK!

    Makes me want to sell all all the houses and let them live in crap and squalar.

    And even now a 5 week deposit will never clear the crap and sh*t.....

    Disgusting people. Should be a criminal case.

  • George Dawes

    There’s a few moths in my carpet , does that count ?

  • icon

    I had the odd abandoned car and a cursed nuisance to get rid of without the log book. Councils are not interested when not on public highway or land, then they are soon gone, we are powerless all around.


    I had one of those towed it onto the road, not my problem anymore.


    Should have put the Rottweiler in it first!

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    Echis.R. I am an amateur its taken me over 40 years to reach this Status. I used to be a Professional but the Regulators changed all that so I had to down grade myself. A
    Professional is someone that makes a living from his work, now its the other way around, Everyone else makes a living off me.


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