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Landlord trade body welcomes Gove as new Housing Secretary

Michael Gove - one of the most senior and controversial figures in modern politics - is the new Housing Secretary. 

Ben Beadle, chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, says of the news: “We welcome Michael Gove to his new position and look forward to working with him to ensure the rental market works for responsible landlords and tenants alike.

“Key to this will be addressing the supply crisis in the sector by developing pro-growth policies that recognise the vital contribution it makes to housing millions of people across the country.”


The association says A wide-ranging survey of private landlords across England and Wales, conducted in partnership with research consultancy BVA/BDRC, found that 39 per cent confirmed that demand for homes to rent had increased in the second quarter of 2021 – an eight per cent increase on the first quarter of the year.  

This data also reveals that demand has reached a five-year high.

In addition to that problem, Gove will also be charged with leading the introduction of the long-awaited White Paper on rental reform, now expected to be previewed around the time of the Conservative party conference next month.

Gove takes over from Robert Jenrick, who was one of the first figures sacked by Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday. 

Jenrick, MP for Newark, had been Secretary of State for Housing since July 2019.

After the sacking he tweeted: “It’s been a huge privilege to serve as Secretary of State @mhclg.”

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  • James B

    So the merry go round continues with this housing minister role .. each one thinking they need to come in and bash landlords that bit harder to make a name for themselves

  • Keith  Johnson

    Demand for housing has reached a five year high.....hmm when did they scrap tax relief on mortgages?

  • Matthew Payne

    Mr Gove is still in charge of the Union and Elections so I am not sure how much time he is going to be able to dedicate to housing when the Tories are already on a war footing for the next election and the Scots have started braying for independance once more. Irrespective of capability, this feels like a step backwards.


    there should be no scots in ministerial positions


    Less than half of Scots want or have ever voted for independence and those "braying" are an even smaller proportion. Removing the influence of Scottish Unionist voters in a UK Government is a quick way to turn many of them towards the SNP and give succour to Sturgeon, Blackford and their loony cronies.

  • icon

    Kieth, obviously portfolio Companies which are not affected by Section 24.
    Kill the small guy.

  • George Dawes

    That dancing pillock , just proves how out of touch this government are

  • icon

    We landlords only exist because of planning, building control and the greenbelt. Only 2.5% of the country is built on. We have more land used as golf courses than is used for residential occupation . What no one seems to realise is us landlords would not exist if anyone could could buy a plot of land and build anywhere what they wanted to live in. If this happened there would not be much need for landlords.

    What happens if it is much more difficult to provide housing? Any student of economics will tell you it will result in a shortage and increase in price .

    Bring it on!

    Jim Haliburton
    The HMO Daddy

  • George Dawes

    A certain famous banking family owns most of Buckinghamshire land , probably lots more land around the south east too..

    Bill Gates is buying land in the USA like there’s no tomorrow,black rock as well

    Wonder where it’s all heading ?


    It's always a good ploy to buy a commodity that's in high demand but no longer being made.

  • icon

    I don’t believe there is a shortage in the first place, there is only a few on the Streets so every one is housed. Huge Council waiting lists I am not surprised about that or how big it is, everyone wants the free or subsidised option, far too many free loaders already and now rule the roost as well, re-election an MP seven consecutive times. There is plenty of spare capacity everywhere, now add so many Industrial Buildings been knocked down Resident, Office conversions by the thousands,
    Pubs demolished for blocks of Flats, millions of lofts and house extensions, Shops that closed even on high Streets now for Residential, even Public Toilets, its a craze or crazy. Keep Building ever more wasting resources and energy, then talk about saving the Planet with all the extra people living in Sky Scrapers as well using more energy + how many extra cookers and washing machines etc is that, people could do some work to keep fit instead of building gyms, more waste of energy. Anyway I could house another 20 in existing stock just get rid of the Regulators and their Computers destroying the Planet, the recycling Depots are chocker with scrap Computers.

  • icon

    Buying land by ordinary Joe in business is a non starter. Its not tax allowable you have to pay the tax on it as if you have
    the money in your pocket. Plant & Machinery and such commodities are. Which is why you see people expanding and a load it new plant, you either buy the Machine or pay the tax easy decision to make, property is a different kettle.

  • icon

    Ben Beadle is effectively a government spokesperson. The NRLA only represents a small portion of landlords.


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