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Revealed - Appliances most likely to break and trigger insurance claim

A league table has been drawn up of appliances most likely to break and trigger an insurance claim for landlords or other home owners.

Cookers and ovens are the appliances most likely to lead to claims on insurance.

The study by Confused .com suggests cookers and ovens are responsible for 111,426 accidents in the last decade - five more incidents than grills and toasters in second place. 


Then comes microwaves, rings and hot plates.

Combined, grills, toasters, rings and hot plates have caused more than 40,000 insurance incidents in Great Britain in the last 10 years.

Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at Confused, says; “Ensuring your appliances are used when it’s safe to do so, as well as kept in a good working condition is important. Not only can they be expensive to replace, but misuse of appliances can cause damage to the home, resulting in a home insurance claim.

“As our study suggests, appliances used for cooking are most likely to leave you claiming on your home insurance. For this reason, it’s important to consistently double-check that these appliances are safe for use:

- Make sure your oven or cooker is free from excess grease. A build-up of flammable liquids significantly increases the chances of a fire causing damage to your home;

- Check plugs and sockets for damage. Unusual burn marks or buzzing sounds are a clear sign that your appliance may need repairing or replacing;

- Become familiar with your appliance’s features. Appliances such as grills and hobs will have different needs depending on the model, and knowledge of these reduces the risk of an insurance claim;

- Use the correct equipment. Cookware such as pots and pans will be manufactured to withstand different conditions, so make sure your equipment can handle whatever heat you need;

- Never leave your cooking unattended. Doing this can prevent you from stopping a potential emergency before it gets out of control, and prevents unwanted damage to your property.”

Willcock adds: “Keeping appliances clean and working correctly is not only safer, but it could extend their lifespan. If your appliance is beyond repair, having a home appliance insurance policy should protect you. It means you could be offered a new model similar to the one you already have.”  

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  • George Dawes

    Basically the kitchen is a minefield of potential disasters

  • icon

    More rubbish cookers/ovens causing accidents / 111k insurance claims. Its very unlikely the Cooker caused the accident but very likely the user did. What landlords worth his salt would be claiming for appliances, obviously they need replacing from time to time and some miserable LL’s would like them for free. They are now letting unfurnished so don’t supply very much but charging more than for fully furnished.
    Incidentally the Donkey Renters Reform Bill/White Paper is being pushed through this Parliament to create a more unfair renting system to crash the economy.
    Not satisfied with the tax changes that they had to back pedal on, having crashed the pound costing the Country Billions, well done you now have the opportunity to do it again.

  • icon

    Accidents ?? miss use more likely, all I supply is a cheap cooker so when a tenant leaves and the cooker is beyond cleaning I replace it.


    Unfortunately the most expensive accidents are those that led to a population explosion of the feckless, reckless, hopeless and useless!

    Their parents' energies would have been better expended working full time producing something useful!


    The 29 year old woman on the news with 7 kids at the food bank. No mention of the father/s. She must be a big drain on the tax payer.

  • icon

    I used to do that keep it standard but then came HMO requiring extra cooking facilities / range cookers can’t be throwing them at £1’000. a time, expensive to call repairman, heavy and cumbersome to transport. Everything they do creates more hassle and expense, then the fellow on the moped brings them their dinner.


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