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Barking Mad? Rental properties have dog-walking area and water bowls

A new 100-unit Build To Rent scheme in Manchester called The Quarters is being marketed as “pet friendly”.

The company behind it, called Northern Group, says it is welcoming pets to its property “long before the government’s newly announced tenancy rules, which are being lined up for introduction in 2023.”

Recently, the government published a rental reform White Paper including plans to give private tenants the ‘legal right’ to have a pet.  


Under the government’s proposals it will be easier for responsible tenants with well-behaved pets to secure rented accommodation. 

The new standard agreement has consent for pets as the default position and landlords will no longer be able to blanket ban pets without good reason. If a landlord does have an objection, they will have to put their reasons in writing within 28 days of a tenant making a written pet request. Tenants will also have a legal duty to repair or cover the cost of repairs to any property damage caused by their pet.

The Quarters will have a dedicated rooftop for dog meet-ups, with bins and dog bowls and each new tenant moving in with a four-legged friend will get a free introductory offer to a dog facility in the New Islington part of Manchester. A free introductory dog walk will be offered to residents, allowing them to test out the local pet companion services that the area has to offer. 

The Quarters also provide a daytime concierge, smart bookable workspaces and meeting rooms. Broadband completes the package to make this a reliable home for hybrid working. 

All these amenities fall within the monthly rent, which starts at £1,075 for an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment.

Northern Group claims the demand for pet-friendly rental accommodation is high – even more so since the pandemic, during which over 3.2m UK households bought a pet. The company claims that 43 per cent of tenants own a pet and a further 33 per cent hope to in the future. 

“This sees 76 per cent of tenants being impacted by landlord pet policies, making restrictions on pets very problematic for around 3.6m households” it says. 

Paul Dobbs, chief operating officer at Northern Group and agent for the apartments, says: “We set out to lead the way with the launch of The Quarters and what the development means in terms of Manchester city centre living. The developer, Kempton Homes, has designed the property with tenants needs in mind, and we’re delighted to launch this one as pet friendly as that’s what they really want.

“We’re a city of animal-lovers. Earlier this year Manchester was named as one of the UK’s most dog-friendly cities. Caring for a pet provides so many health and mood-boosting benefits and the Northern Quarter, which is where this development is located, is absolutely brilliant if you’ve got a dog. From the cafes, bars and restaurants to the shops, so many are super dog-friendly and it’s really easy to get out and about with them.

“There’s a real need to provide more pet-friendly rental accommodation as demand for rentals that let you own a pet is huge - three in four tenants are reportedly looking for exactly this, and we can safely rubber stamp this data as already 50 percent of new tenants coming to The Quarters own a pet”.

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  • George Dawes

    A nice big garden would be a lot more pet friendly

    Poor little dogs shut up in some techno rabbit hutch , no thx

  • icon

    The head lease on apartments in my block in central Manchester does not allow pets. So how does tht compute when the freeholder says no, but the government says yes. It seem to make no difference in reality though as the block is full of tenants with handbag dogs despite the lease terms.

  • icon

    My question is how does £970 pcm for a one bed flat compare with local rents for a traditional family home. We have 3 beds with a garden (much more suitable for pets) let for less than that in South Gloucestershire.


    I was thinking the same thing Emily, in Norwich £970 would get you a 3 bed house with a garden


    £970 will get you a 3 bed semi with garden and garage in Somerset.

  • icon

    LHA for a 2 bed in Bristol is slightly under £825. Makes £970 for a 1 bed seem not very affordable!

  • icon

    Can you imagine living in flats with 100 dogs? Hope they provide ear plugs too! And what do you do on the 10th floor when your arthritic Labrador can no longer climb the stairs?

    At least putting them all in one development means other people can avoid them!


    Not in Central Manchester. It seems to be the trend at present among the young proffessionals to have a miniature dog in your pocket, handbag and even your shopping trolley. With regard to stairs most flats with more than 2 floors have lifts these days.


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