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Council’s plea to landlords - help us with Ukranian refugees

A council in one of the remote parts of the UK is appealing for registered landlords who might be able to provide suitable properties for Ukrainian families to come forward.

Orkney Islands councillors recently gave their support to assisting Ukrainian households if at all possible and agreed to seek a minimum of two private rental sector properties.

The council now wants to hear from registered private landlords, or anyone considering becoming a registered private landlord, with suitable properties on the Orkney Mainland to get in touch.


A council spokeswoman says: “These are, without question, families who will have been through an incredibly difficult time and may have witnessed horrors that no one should. Orkney is renowned for its caring and compassionate nature and so we are hopeful that we will be able to source suitable homes for these households who deserve a period of stability in their lives.


“We have already had individuals and organisations contact us offering rooms and accommodation and we want to develop a full and complete understanding of what’s available in our community.

“This situation has been fast paced and we are awaiting further detail from the Scottish Government in respect of when accommodation will be required. All Councils in Scotland have been asked, through the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities whether they could assist with resettling some Ukrainian households.”

Local landlords are being asked that if they could offer a suitable property - and even if you have already registered on the government’s website - to please get in touch with the housing@orkney.gov.uk.

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  • George Dawes

    Try building more affordable houses in the first place , only 5% of the uk is built on - ridiculous

  • icon

    First people you kick in the teeth. First people you ask for help when you need it. You need us a lot more than we need you.

  • icon

    Given how long it is taking to get Visas through, they have plenty of time to build some houses!

    These people are fleeing a war zone, Poland is full, people are sleeping on floors and our Govt is insisting on a box ticking exercise!

  • George Dawes

    The whole thing is an abomination, who suffers ? Innocent people

    Who profits ? The usual suspects

  • icon

    Our (by that i mean this and previous govts) total lack of forward planning 30 years ago is now coming home to roost, we should have scrapped RBT back when Tony Blair was in charge but hey ho...... we never seem to learn, the PRS is NOT the solution to the housing crisis, only central govt can put things in place to tackle this, they need to stop looking to us for all the ill's in the housing system. As usual we will do what we can (as we should) for the current disaster, but if this does not open the eyes of govt then nothing will.


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