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National Landlord Register - first details emerge of new scheme

The government has indirectly given away early details of its long-expected National Landlord Register - but it still appears to be some years off.

In a job description for a new role called ‘Policy Advisor - National Landlord Register’ the government gives context to the new register, saying: “Significant reforms have already been introduced to improve the experience of tenants who rent privately. Part of the PRS team’s work [in the Department of Levelling Up, Communities and Local Government] is to ensure those measures bite and quality improves.”

It then says as part of delivering on pledges for ‘a Better Deal for Renters in England’ the government is “committed to exploring the introduction of a landlord register.”


The new job - which pays between £36,337 and £39,598 and will allow the candidate to have flexible working from home as well as being based in government offices in London and Wolverhampton - is split into two work streams.

These are firstly penalties and enforcement, and secondly data protection. 



The streams will require “significant, detailed policy work at all stages of the policy cycle, potentially including delivering legislation … Lead and support stakeholder engagement, both internally and externally – representing the department’s views and position through the policy development process … work alongside departmental colleagues and a range of other Government departments to understand the broader context of the private rental sector and housing policy and ensure alignment with wider government policy.”

At the end of January the tenant activist group Generation Rent predicted - ahead of the Levelling Up White Paper - that a national mandatory landlord register would be unveiled. 

This turned out to be true: the White Paper also considered landlords having to be part of a redress scheme and landlords having to commit to improving the condition of their properties, including energy efficiency measures.

The new job advertisement is here and applicants have until April 11 to get their responses in.

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    Can't wait for the national tenants register..

  • icon

    Well I am not concerned about this…. My properties are excellent and I will not pay a penny for it…… my tenants on the other hand! That will be another rise in their rent. The comment about energy efficiency improvements are of note though …… what sneaky trick do they have up their sleeve…… either way, if “C” comes in, I am out, and unfortunately so are all my tenants.

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    I'll also be out - and so will my tenants

  • icon

    I am also joining the exit path

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    And why should only private landlords be on the register, a bigger proportion of social tenants are dissatisfied than private tenants. Arguably social tenants are more important as they don't have the resources to make choices.

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    Having re-read that I should add - 'with great regret - I'd intended to keep these houses for a very long time'

  • George Dawes

    Follow the money ….

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    Did I hear correctly? a national register for all landlord and tenants?
    Public and private?. This will surely pave the way to more quality homes being made available to everyone at fair rents once the playing field is level. Please share the great news everyone.😀👍

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    Sorry guys only joking!
    But hang on if this was true and the need for a strategic plan for housing was really being put in place.
    I and my tenants would vote for it all day long. We housing providors supply much needed homes for people and businesses. Just like farmers provide food and we should be praised and supported like them.

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    I don’t believe there’s a shortage of housing just a shortage of people to pay their way hence a huge Council waiting list. There’s going to be a big glut when the East Europeans go back to re-build Ukraine.

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    So let me get this straight - the government that owns most of the worst standard rental properties in the country, is setting up a scheme to tell landlords to raise their standards. Right.

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    Maybe a EU Common Housing Policy like the EU Common Agricultural Policy, then they could give us Grants, Subsidies, tax breaks and pay us for imaginary houses that we used to have as part of our quota. Oh sorry we are not in the EU.


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