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Seven landlords removed from lettings register by council

Local media in Scotland report that no fewer than seven landlords have been struck off the register of landlords operating in Glasgow. 

One let a flat with a “potentially dangerous” boiler while owes a freeholder more than £60,000 and has racked up a council tax debt of almost £28,500. And one landlord failed to help a tenant who had no heating or hot water.

The most serious issue concerned landlord Ejaz Ali who was struck off for a range of safety problems connected with two properties he let in the city.


The Health and Safety Executive found a gas boiler in one of his flats was “poorly installed and maintained” and “potentially dangerous”.

The tenants in Ali’s other flat were told by the city council that a rent penalty notice had been issued and they were not obliged to pay the landlord. However, Ali told the tenants that the issue was sorted and payments should resume.

Another landlord struck off the register was Clarkston Developments Ltd which owns 12 properties.

When asked to provide information on a range of issues, including fire safety, carbon monoxide detectors and legionella risk assessment, it forwarded two gas safety certificates that had not been signed by an engineer. These couldn’t be checked with the engineer as the company was struck off last month.


Yet another landlord in trouble - James Duffy, who owns 29 properties across the city - faulted to produce appropriate safety certificates for 12 flats.

The council officer said Duffy claimed the properties had either been sold or were being repossessed, but council tax checks found eight of the 12 were still owned by the landlord and let to tenants.

You can see the detailed Glasgow Live story here.

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    Scotland has charged every law abiding landlord a registration fee for as long as I can remember and since around 2004 Glasgow has charged for HMO licences for properties where more than two unrelated adults live.

    Glasgow City Council has therefore been getting the necessary financial resources to ensure such rogue landlords are caught before the situation escalates to the extent reported here.

    However the SNP anti landlord legislation has substantially reduced the availability of rental properties, pushed up market rents and forced some tenants into the hands of these rogue landlords.

    Of course, if any tragedy happened the SNP in Holyrood and Glasgow City Council would deny they had blood on their hands!


    This is spreading across the rest of GB , why would good landlords with good properties need or want low life tenants, rouge tenants live in rouge landlord properties, they deserve each other

  • Steve Meade

    With licensing, compliance and legislation continually changing , are we not creating more rogue landlords?


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