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Rate rise likely to hit landlords quickly - maybe with worse to come

A prominent buy to let mortgage expert says yesterday base rate rise by the Bank of England is expected to hit landlords very quickly.

Angus Stewart, chief executive of Property Master, says of the Monetary Policy Committee’s decision to increase the base rate from 0.75 to 1.0 per cent: “[This is] four base rate rises in a row … it will undoubtedly feed through quickly into higher buy-to-let mortgage rates for landlords. The squeeze on landlords continues with higher borrowing costs, increased regulation, and increased taxes.  

“The fear is that we will see many landlords choosing to exit the market and the resulting reduced supply of private rented property will add still further to the pressure on rents. 


“We are seeing buy-to-let mortgage products removed from the market only to return at a higher price on a more or less daily basis. We have also seen some newer entrants to the mortgage market have to withdraw their products as they have been unable to source their usual funds from institutional lenders.  

“This is very worrying.  We face reduced choice in the buy-to-let market which will in turn have a further impact on the rising cost of mortgages.”

Meanwhile Nathan Emerson, chief executive of Propertymark, adds: "This rise is understandable from a wider economic point of view and considering where they have been they are still historically low. The concern around the recent rises are that they are coupled with high house prices.

"However, house prices have only risen at such a rate as buyers have been prepared to pay over the marketed price to secure a home above others. Whilst this competition is cooling down in some areas it is still present with large amounts of people wanting to move. We don’t anticipate this demand will be watered down but what those movers are able to pay will certainly start to be reconsidered over the coming months."

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  • George Dawes

    You ain’t seen nuthin yet …

  • icon

    When LLs are squeezed financially rents go up. More suffering ahead for tenants as some LLs leave the PRS and other raise rents to cover increased costs. Soon renting will only be for the rich!


    Prices find their own level on the price demand curve. Where the opportunity exists to increase rents, that happens anyway. Right now, many renters are sacrificing financial futures to keep a roof over their heads. When limits like this are tested, the agenda shifts from free market economics to politics. Politicians use the levers of tax and regulations to win votes. We see that happening now. Squeezed LLs cannot solve their financial problems by demanding what they want.

  • George Dawes

    You’ll own nothing and they’ll be happy

  • icon

    With rates going up the real affect of S24 will be felt that’s for sure. If you haven’t locked in your rates already you are in for a bumpy ride!!

  • girish mehta

    Only winner is the government collecting higher taxes.


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