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Row intensifies over council’s massive new licensing scheme

It’s now daggers-drawn between the National Residential Landlords Association and Oxford’s Labour-run council over a huge new licensing scheme.

Government approval of Oxford council‘s selective licensing scheme means that all private rented homes in Oxford will need a licence from this September.

Some 49.3 per cent of all Oxford’s homes are now privately rented. And Oxford council claims that an independent review of housing conditions in 2020 found that a fifth of the 30,500 homes in Oxford’s private rented sector could have a serious housing hazard.


Currently only HMOs require a licence to operate, though these make up less than 15 per cent of private rented homes in Oxford. Approval of selective licensing means that all private rented homes will need a licence, and landlords will as usual be expected to show they are complying with safety and management standards, being a ‘fit and proper person’ and meeting council waste storage and disposal requirements.

The selective licensing scheme will run for five years and starts on September 1.

A five year licence will cost £480, with an early bird discounted rate of £400 for landlords who apply within the first three months. There will also be a discounted fee of £280 for accredited landlords.

However, the NRLA is sharply critical saying: “All our research shows there is no clear link between licensing schemes and improved enforcement against criminal and rogue landlords. 

“Too often such schemes penalise responsible landlords who will come forward to be identified, whilst failing to find those operating under the radar.

“Oxford, like all other councils, should focus instead on better using the wide array of data already available to identify landlords and take action against those bringing the sector into disrepute. This includes council tax and housing benefit data along with information held by the Land Registry.”

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    Daggers drawn??? I don’t think the NRLA know what a dagger is!! I guess they might have damp sponge handy somewhere??

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    A famous Politician’s saying some years back comes to mind, it like being ravaged by a sheep.


    Yep … it was referenced to Whilkie Whielaw I believe and was in fact a “DEAD” sheep!!

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    They are spot on with one aspect…. The bad landlords will just look upon it all with bemusement and carry on regardless.

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    Dominic. I was thinking of Dennis Healey referring to been told off by Sir Geoffrey Howe Chancellor quite polite personality, eventually opening up on Lady Margaret Thatcher which caused her downfall, hence the turn of phrase from Sheep to a lion, we have to be careful not to upset the quite ones.

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    NRLA talking nonsense again Landlords have no real idea who they are letting in their properties. Look at landlords being murdered by their tenants.


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