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Landlords slammed for discriminating on grounds of sexual orientation

An activist group that campaigns against landlords has accused some of discriminating against tenants on the ground of their sexual orientation.

Baroness Alicia Kennedy of Generation Rent says: “Everyone should have access to a safe, secure, and affordable home, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Private renters should feel safe to express themselves freely at every point before or during a tenancy.”

Her comment accompanies a claim that nearly one in five LGBTQ+ private renters have experienced discrimination from a landlord or letting agent because of their sexual orientation.


A survey conducted for Generation Rent and LGBTQ+ homelessness organisation ‘akt’ found that LGBTQ-+ respondents were 48 per cent more likely to have lived in unsuitable housing.  

Insecurity and accessibility to affordable homes in the private rental market was also an issue with LGBTQ-+ respondents nine per cent more likely to have previously had to temporarily stay with friends, family or partners. They were also 19 per cent more likely to have struggled with repairs and 17 per cent more likely to have experienced damp and mould.

A statement from Generation Rent cites one unidentified respondent saying: “Current landlord refused to provide a tenancy agreement upon moving in or repair any of the various issues in the property, and then gave eviction notice without dates, then refused to acknowledge or respond to any communications from same-sex partner and co-tenant.”

Another anonymous respondent is quoted as saying: “Was made aware by several potential landlords that they were uncomfortable because of being unsure of my gender and when I clarified, they repeatedly misgendered me on one visit, or spoke only to my cisgender housemates in another.”

Yet another unnamed respondent explains: “I would have to hear remarks that were filled with transphobic undertones and didn't feel safe being my full self in the home.”

Jo Bhandal of ‘akt’ adds: “These findings point to some of the realities of what it can be like to be a private renter and LGBTQ+. They show that we have a long way to go to ensuring that all LGBTQ+ people are able to access safe, secure, affordable and decent housing. No one should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are.”

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    1 in 5 !!! Oh go away 😭, Various unidentified people responded…. So no real live examples seriously looked into. Will the Generation rent lot ever learn, they and their ilk are ruinous for future tenants.

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    I can’t help but feel this is just another content filling article, in a vain attempt to keep Generation Rent in the headlines. “We asked 10 people from a minority group if they had experienced discrimination in their life & 6 said yes” = all landlords are clearly homophobic, transfobic, racist, sexist, anti …..
    I wonder if they run the same campaigns in other areas……I mean does “Dentist Today” get the same kind of twaddle 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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    I've had gay couples as tenants, not a problem, why should it be ?

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    One has to be aware of the 'sexual orientation' of any couple - straight or gay. Once they start moving a friend or two in, your property could easily become a HMO without you realising it. Therefore its necessary to ask questions at the start of the tenancy. Its not any form of discrimination.


    I disagree, the “orientation” of a person has nothing todo with your point. More how “sexually active” they are…..do you actually ask your prospective tenants that or do you just have a clause in the AST limiting their ability to move people in 🤔

  • George Dawes

    Not her / him/ they / them /it again

  • George Dawes

    Baroness , really down with the common man / woman etc etc

    Typical champagne socialist hypocrite

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    For me it’s NOT a problem. If they look after the property and pay their rent ON or BEFORE the due date I’m happy and they can stay as long as they want.

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    I'm not fussed what someone identifies as.
    In a self contained property it's totally their business.

    In an HMO it's always down to whether an applicants hobbies, interests, work pattern and general demeanor fit with the existing tenants. Sexual orientation is completely irrelevant. I don't know exactly how many gay or LGBTQ+ tenants I currently have as it's not a question I ask on my rental application form. At a guess I'd say about 3 or 4. Occasionally people will state that they are gay or LGBTQ+ when enquiring about a room but usually they don't mention it.

  • George Dawes

    Nobody will remove a reliable solid tenant

    Sexuality , race , colour etc totally ridiculously stupidly unimportant, good grief this is the 21st century not the dark ages

    Politicians love creating divides in society where most people of whatever gender etc just want to get along and have a quiet life

  • icon

    In my experience Gays look after the Properties very well, so why would I worry about their sexual orientation.

  • George Dawes

    Was made aware by several potential landlords that they were uncomfortable because of being unsure of my gender and when I clarified, they repeatedly misgendered me on one visit, or spoke only to my cisgender housemates in another.”

    In a few years time maybe sooner the way somebody addresses you will be the last thing you’ll worry about

    You’ll be too busy trying to stay healthy , fed and alive …

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