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Happy! Vast majority of tenants content with their private rental homes

Surprise, surprise - 88 per cent of tenants quizzed in a major survey are happy with their homes.

Only 12 per cent are unhappy, giving the lie to critics of the private rental sector who routinely say the majority of tenants are unhappy. 

The survey of over 950 renters by property consultancy JLL goes on to say that some 60 per cent of respondents spend between 30 and 40 per cent of their income on rent. 


JLL says there are some common themes between tenants and buyers: a strong desire for private outdoor space and proximity to leisure, entertainment, and open space. There is also an increased importance of energy efficiency and the running costs of a home amongst tenants. 

The consultancy says memories of lockdown continue to influence tenants in their views on outside space with 52 per cent saying private outside space was more important to them now, and fewer than 10 per cent of respondents rating it as less important. 

As well as private outside space, proximity to shared greenspaces also ranked highly on tenants wish lists. Just over half of respondents now placed higher importance on access to shared greenspace and parks, with fewer than eight per cent seeing this attribute as less important. 

Rising inflation and costs of living pressures are concerning for tenants. 

Some 66 per cent of survey respondents rated energy efficiency and running costs as more important now than pre-pandemic. 

With further increased to the energy price cap expected in October 2022, JLL says it anticipates tenants will pay more attention to the efficiency of their rented homes moving forward. It suggests that this is good news for landlords with more efficient properties, particularly new or recently built homes. 

JLL analysis of EPC data shows that homes in bands A-C will be paying on average £3,246 less per annum on their energy bills than homes in band G. 

Connectivity and the location in which they are based is still important to tenants. 

Just over half of respondents still consider proximity to public transport as more important now versus pre-pandemic, with just five per cent seeing it as less important. And despite most tenants working from home an average of three days a week, the distance of their home to the workplace is more important now than it has been before. 

Location matters to tenants, says the JLL survey result. Not just the proximity to transport connections and the workplace, but the feel of the neighbourhood and the quality of pubs, restaurants, cafes and shops locally. 

Most want to live centrally and be amongst the vibrancy of living in a city or town centre. Just 11 per cent of respondents saw the quality of pubs and restaurants in their neighbourhood as less important than pre-pandemic, with 36 per cent rating the quality of local amenities as more important now. 

When looking at amenities tenants do not have in their current property, over a third of respondents would be prepared to pay more for private outside space, followed by 28 per cent for a swimming pool and 23 per cent for a gym. 

Although fewer tenants would be prepared to pay for co-working spaces, over 400 respondents agreed it would be nice to have. This was a similar story for a residents lounge/bar, shared outside space and smart home tech. 

Over 60 per cent of tenants are expecting that their next home will be another rental property. 

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    Was this survey done on behalf of build to rent company by any chance?
    How many "traditional" homes have a gym, swimming pool or co=working spaces?


    Yes it doesn't sound like your average tenant. But surely the BTR type properties don't generally have "private outside space"? Seems odd.

  • icon

    £3250 Less on your energy bills ? Want to Live in the town centre ,with swimming Pool and Gym. a typical tenant then.

  • icon

    “Shock Horror” you mean Shelter and Generation rent have been feeding everyone a lie and in fact private landlords treat their tenants as customers and want them to be happy? Who knew???? 😂

  • George Dawes

    When the prs is gone and big brother is in charge it'll change to minus 88%

  • icon

    100% of mine are happy, they would soon let me know it they weren't

  • icon

    JLL are a very large company dealing with the Build to Rent types. They do not have an office in West Ham, Tottenham, Croydon, Lewisham, Barking or Ilford. They deal with the upper end. Not surprised the tenants are happy. They have money and can move. Plenty of empty new expensive flats getting built.

  • icon

    Energy costs have always been a factor in rent achieved. Before epcs, tenants always asked what type of heating. If it’s electric, they’d pay £50/month less than the same flat with gas. Now there are epcs, the question is the same. The only prospective tenant ever to ask to see the epc was working for scarf, the local advice body on energy.

    And yes, I’d say 100% of my tenants are happy with their flat and their rent. Although the few with electric heating would doubtless prefer gas. I’ve never asked if they’d like a pool though.


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