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Activists to “tell renters their rights” next month

Generation Rent, the activist group led by Baroness Alicia Kennedy, is staging a Renters Rights Awareness week in October.

It was originally scheduled for this week but was put off just a few days ago, with the group citing the death of Queen Elizabeth II as the reason.

In its previous publicity for the original date it said on its website: “Whether you’re new to renting, having issues with your landlord, or just feel you need a refreshment on your rights then these free online events are the perfect fit for you” claims the group, which says online sessions will include topics such as high energy bills and dealing with rent rises, as well as “getting repairs done.”


The campaign tells potential participants that they “can join anonymously from anywhere” via Zoom.

Publicity for the week says that at each event, participants will get the latest renters’ rights information and be able to ask questions and “share your renting experience.”

The free events are an hour long and for those who cannot participate at the time, there will be “renters’ rights factsheets” and a link to watch the recorded sessions online.

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  • George Dawes

    Be careful what you wish for …

  • icon

    Can they also be told their obligations.


    Maybe we should have printed wall paper in all rental properties reminding them of those 'obligations',

  • icon

    The SNP Model Tenancy Agreement runs to 70 odd pages, most of which is listing Tenants' rights. It leaves the Landlord one section to put in their obligations.

    Hope the noble Baroness has a long attention span otherwise she might miss out a few of the rights!

    I'm happy to help her out and do the Obligations side to ensure balance, which I'm confident she will welcome in order to protect tenants from eviction.

  • icon

    Baroness Barmy again! Has it ever occurred to her that the majority of Tenants who complain are bad Tenants that want something for nothing and think they should be able to abuse Landlords with impunity.
    I have 16 Properties all Tenanted by good People, I have just got rid of one Scum bag, who trashed the Property and did not pay all she owed. Now does it not say a lot that out of 16 Tenants I have had grief with one, and if you spoke to all my Tenants, they would tell you that I am a good and fair Landlord.
    So perhaps we should have a register of good Landlords, Bad Landlords, good Tenants and bad Tenants. Oh silly me it’s against a Tenants human rights, but fine to victimize Landlords of course.


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