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Some Rent Freeze and Eviction Ban activists pause campaigning

Both Shelter and Generation Rent have paused their campaigning on social media for the duration of national mourning for The Queen.

A Twitter message from Generation Rent, posted on Friday, reads: “Generation Rent joins with the country to pay our deepest respects on the passing of Her Majesty The Queen. Throughout the period of national mourning we will therefore restrict our social media activity. We offer our sincere condolences to her family.”

Shelter posted:  “Following the sad passing of Her Majesty The Queen, we are pausing our social media communications out of respect. Our advice services are still here for anyone facing homelessness or bad housing."


Acorn - a self-styled union - is, like Shelter and Generation aren’t, part of the Renters Reform Coalition campaign group. 

However Acorn did not stop campaigning and on Friday, less than 24 hours after the Queen’s death was announced, tweeted: “The #CostOfLivingCrisis shouldn't cost anyone their home! We need a rent freeze and an eviction ban. And we need it now. #EnoughIsEnough”

On the other side of the campaigning spectrum, Ben Beadle - chief executive of the National Residential Landlords Association - also took to Twitter.

He said: "The NRLA are desperately sad to learn of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. An inspirational figure, we thank her for her devoted service and send our heartfelt condolences to her family.”

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    what WOKE CRUD
    Shelter and Acorn are dodgy activist lead lefty poo stirrers who don't give a toss about others.
    Shelter trousers north of £70,000,000 a year and doesn't provide a single bed to anyone, yet their directors are collecting hundreds of thousands a year whilst bleating on about what horrible people landlords are, for providing 2 million homes (6 million beds) to working class British people.
    Now who do you support??

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    They will be back soon enough doing untold damage to tenants.

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    Campaign to start to protect landlords, utility suppliers, local councils from the rogue fraudster, criminal tenants and also their supporters’ friends and families who provide fraudulent, misleading documents to gain access to rental properties.
    I and so many other landlords have been the victims of professional fraudster tenants who provided false references and the referencing companies have failed to recognise the false information and are then not willing cooperate and not willing to admit their mistakes.
    These tenants are professional graduates, struck off lawyers, etc who get the rental properties and then do not pay rents, utility bills, council tax and cause damage before leaving the rental properties. This is causing landlords very big financial losses, stress and leading many landlords to sell their properties.
    I need your support to request the government to legislate for a law for National Tenants Registration database with rogue criminal tenants’ records.
    Professional landlords are already members of National Residents Landlords Association- NRLA and Information Commissioner’s Office-ICO.
    But there is no such professional membership organisation for the tenants. I have had the suggestion by good tenants that there should be a record for the tenants where they can update their details and help and support to find the next rental property easily and may be able to help them get on the property ladder more easily, if it shows that they have been paying a certain amount of rent regularly over a period of time.
    Some bad tenants have been such a nuisance to the neighbours and councils do not do anything to resolve the issues.
    Its time to raise our voice to protect private landlords as they provide the service and are not different from other smaller businesses. Also the government and councils should understand if there are fewer and fewer private landlords there will be a crisis in the property market as 1) not enough social housing and 2) not all are entitled for social housing 3) recognise private rental business as other small business 4) rogue tenants costing not only private landlords thousands but also to the councils and utility suppliers.
    There should be equal rights for landlords and tenants, otherwise it is discrimination, by including both in a national database or even professional membership database to offer protection from any rogue tenants causing financial loss and stress.

    Please sign and request others to sign and support on Chang.org

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    Please support the change.org


    Find it under Prafula Copp or "National Tenants Database to tackle rogue tenants costing landlords thousands of pounds"

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    Couldn't agree more, Prafula Copp. Property fraud is relatively common. I advertised a property recently and checked out the people myself. It's quite amazing how many were fraudsters, yes really ! A lot of people were trying to get out of social housing, however sink estates don't exist in political circles


    Hi Edwin
    I would say until all government, councils, fair laws, utility suppliers, landlords and also good tenants don't get together, fraudsters will try to get away with costing so much to private landlords.
    Then all private landlords will start selling and property rental crisis.

    Government should understand that private rental sector is like another any small business providing facilities and accommodation to people who require. It's not a charity. Many landlords are self employed and working hard to manage and also for their pensions.
    Let's hope we will able to make change for good. Laws should be fair to and equal to both landlords and tenants.

  • George Dawes

    They have a smidgen of integrity

    That’s a first

    Her majesty achieved more in a micro second than this lot in their history ever


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