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Safety Problem - many landlords denied access for gas checks

Landlord Action is issuing a reminder to landlords of the importance of carrying out annual gas safety checks and a request to tenants to ensure they grant necessary access.  

A recent survey revealed nearly half of landlords have, at some point, been denied access to carry out checks.

All landlords letting properties with gas appliances have a legal duty to have a gas safety inspection carried out each year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 


A copy of the gas safety certificate must then be issued to the tenants.

However, a recent survey carried out by Landlord Action has found that 46 per cent of landlords have been denied access to their rental property to carry out routine checks or gas safety inspections, making compliance extremely difficult.

Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord Action, says: “Gas safety checks are not only a landlord’s legal obligation, but they are also imperative to ensuring the safety of the property and the tenants living there. Of course, sometimes it comes down to when is convenient, but when tenants continually deny access, it becomes a real problem.”

Landlord Action says it is currently in the process of putting forward a case for introducing a discretionary ground for possession of unreasonably refusing landlords access for inspections. 

This would help give landlords the necessary authority when requesting access.

“As the market evolves and the balance of power shifts towards the tenant, landlords are contacting us with increasingly complex legal challenges, which are likely to broaden in the future as the sector reforms.  We already offer access injunctions to complete gas safety checks and are currently looking at what other support landlords may need” adds Shamplina.

Landlord Action has produced a guide to gas safety and landlord gas safety certificates HERE

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    Very kind of you to remind us Mr Shamplina, but didn't you only remind on Saturday? Paid for another ad?

  • icon

    I hope they are not suggesting that we haven’t being do it.
    I have box folders of them one after the other for years, does he not know this.
    Is he reminding us that we have done it.
    The balance of power shifting towards the Tenants but they already have all the power, to have a fairer Renting system you need to give LL back his rights. Will we have to get the Deeds changed to reflect its no longer Freehold Private Property.

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    Just keep all the paperwork for appointments and refusals…. Just so at the inquest you can put your case forward to the coroners office 💀

  • George Dawes

    I had a tenant who refused me entry to do a gas test as he didn't trust me or the engineer !!!

    I kicked the horrid little entitled twerp out soon after

    Never rent to anyone under 30 is my advice


    I no longer will consider anyone under 25, and over 30 is better still

  • icon

    I do agree with the above, I have always rented to older people, they have the potential to cause LESS trouble.


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