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Tenants given powers to force EPC upgrades on landlords - proposal

The Green Party wants private tenants to be able to force landlords to improve the energy efficiency of homes.

The scheme - part of a £145 billion investment plan proposed by the party - would allow tenants to insist landlords apply for grants or low-interest government-backed loans to improve the EPC rating of homes.

Carla Denyer, the party's co-leader, says the scheme would help "make every house, flat and bedsit a proper home".


The Green Party of England and Wales unveiled the plan over the weekend at its annual conference.

Grants would be targeted at homeowners living in poverty, while other property owners would be able to take out property-linked loans, to be paid off "via savings from reduced energy bills".

Rent controls - already implemented in Scotland where Greens are in an alliance with the Scottish National Party - would prevent landlords passing loan repayments on to tenants.

Denyer says: "Solutions to the climate crisis are the same as the solutions to the cost-of-living crisis. Every home should be properly insulated and free from damp and mould - we would give renters the legal right to demand this from their landlords."

The Greens reject the idea the policy might push landlords out of the housing market, arguing they would benefit from lower borrowing costs to boost the value of their homes through improvement works.

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    I'm happy to increase the EPC of our houses where economically affordable and have been making upgrades for years.
    If the green party wants to make the government to pay 14k for an upgrade that will save the tenant 14 pounds a month, then please let them do it. If they want me to pay it, I have another option. I will sell the house.s I can currently get more money by putting money in the bank than I get from some rental houses, Guess where my money is going this year....

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    Savings are negligible the cost are phenomenal and the long term effects of insulation on older properties are yet to be seen. Do the ego worriers stop think and do a bit of analysis?
    Jim HaliburtonTheHMODaddy

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    Carla should attend the “ Fringe” 😂😂 she would win hands down in the new entrant comedy section. I suspect the Greens have forgotten one crucial fact about all this ….. We OWN the properties 😎😎, they can do what they like, we will SELL up 🎉🎉💰💰

  • John  Adams

    I think anyone who lived in Brighton & Hove over the last few years, really enjoyed the experience of weedy pavements, widespread drug use and the bin strike, so much so they voted Labour at the last Council Elections. Caroline Lucas is standing down as MP one of their more sane members, probably because she can smell the organic chi tea when it comes to the local voters...

  • George Dawes

    You have to be a bit green to fall for all this eco nonsense

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    The Green Party are targeting 3 MPS in the next election!

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    Hi all
    I have been a landlord for approximately 30 years in most of that time few new rules came out I have been responsible in running my business not had mold etc repaired when needed and done work on the houses when asked by tenants
    These new rules ,tax implications , etc etc that have come through made me decide to sell up and let someone else take on the houses buy to let or buy for themselves
    I have a few properties left mainly commercial now the money from the properties is invested and get 6% with no hassle and when expenses were taken out of rental earn more now. For now the houses I have sold are worth slightly less than I sold for
    I am 65 now so at a different stage of life to many people but my point is at the moment interest rates are so high rules are becoming so tight people see landlords as making loads of money for nothing and wish to make us do more and tax us more
    What is the point


    I am 5 years behind you but will be doing exactly the same if Labour bring back the EPC C nonsense.

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    A better strategy would be to allow Tenants to apply for these free grants and require that Landlords don't deny their applications without good cause.


    I have a retired lady tenant that is doing just that, she tracks down these grants and applies, subject to terms and conditions I'm happy to give the okay

  • John Wathen

    So, when the tenants have to move out while all these upgrades are carried out will members of the Green Party offer to put them up?

  • icon

    John, my friend they won’t be moving out we will be expected to do it with them in place, if it’s impossible it will be required by Statute and a massive fine and that’s after we have given them the property.
    We are all doomed.

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    Well there are two things a LL can do. Firstly become an EPC inspector and get the qualification required, by doing the studying and the test. Then you can assess your own properties and any of your LL mates.
    Secondly and more easily, look at the EPC's in your houses local area, and find out who gives more favorable assessments, and get them to assess your house next time.
    If everybody did this then the assessors that constantly give low or poor ratings will not get any work, and the others will be encouraged to give more positive and favorable scores.


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