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Reductions in energy bills for properties near new pylons

Homes situated close to new electricity pylons and sub-stations could receive up to £1,000 a year off energy bills, for up to a decade.

Substantial numbers of new pylons and sub-stations are required to support an infrastructure of car charging points and the incentive to nearby homes is expected to be announced in Wednesday’s Autumn Statement.

The BBC quoted a Treasury spokesperson saying: "By speeding up the planning system - including the rollout of electric vehicle charge-points - we will be tackling one of the most common issues raised by businesses who are keen to invest in the UK."


The department declined to say who would be paying for the discounts, or offer any information on how close houses would have to be to qualify for the maximum discount. There was also no clarity about who would receive the incentive if the property owner and the occupier were not the same.

Earlier this year a government-commissioned report recommended the idea of smoothing the path for the building of new large pylons by handing over cash to those who would be affected.

Nick Winser, the former chief executive of the National Grid, said a radical solution was needed to streamline the planning process and his report said people living near newly-built transmission pylons, the larger lines that connect electricity from where it is generated to regional substations, should get lump sum payments.

He pointed out that the cost of compensation would be lower than building cables underground and much cheaper than resorting to offshore cables.

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  • John  Adams

    Lovely live under a Pylon for £10k off your electric bill and £50k off your property value....
    There may or may not be health issues associated with such things but I know what I'd rather look out the window and see, and a pile of humming scrap metal isn't number one on that list.

  • icon

    Great for 10 years - if it doesn't cause health problems. The you are left with an unsellable house!


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