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Many Renters Reform Bill committee MPs are private landlords

A slew of MPs who are members of the Renters Reform Bill committee receive money from letting out rooms or properties - and that includes some MPs arguing for radical reforms of the private rental sector.

Hansard, the official record of Parliamentary proceedings, has recorded the declarations of interest from MPs sitting on the committee, which has been scrutinising line-by-line the Bill.

MPs have to declare their property interests if they receive over £10,000 per year from letting out.


The chair of the committee is James Gray, Tory MP for North Wiltshire: he told committee members at the start of proceedings that “I own two buy-to-lets, not that that particularly matters.”

Helen Morgan, the Liberal Democrat MP for North Shropshire, is a joint owner of a property let out privately, as is former Conservative housing minister and long-standing advocate of reform Eddie Hughes.

Another Conservative MP - Craig Tracey, who represents North Warwickshire - lets out a commercial property; while Lloyd Russell-Moyle, the left wing Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown, has lodgers at his house and 

Anna Firth, Tory member for Southend West, is the joint owner of two properties that are let out, but held in trust; and another Conservative MP - Dean Russell, representing Watford - is a private tenant rather than a homeowner.

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    MPs are private landlords? Then they should KNOW better. Were they the ones who were polled by Ben Beadle about S21?

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    I am surprised they are shaping and m voting for this madness. Have they taken leave of their senses?

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    It just beggars belief that they r voting for it. Politely put must be Silly Stupid or plain Brainless. But their main money prob comes from sitting with the rest of their mirin’s down in Westminster. It’s a cherry on the cake for them. 😞

  • John  Adams

    Let's face it they are all on solid Gold pensions and they've all got second homes paid for by the state...
    The majority of these Turkeys are so far from reality it's just a game to them. If they lose their seats they get a couple of hundred thousand pay off and then usually go and sit on a company board or Quango somewhere.

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    It may be that they have yet to have to utilise the court system to regain their own property. I already knew to a degree how bad things were but have only now experienced the stress, cost and uncertainty (even with mandatory section 8 grounds) of the repossession process. The tenants have legal aid (paid for by me as a tax payer) and the ability to use their mental health as a weapon. We have nothing except to keep our mouths shut in case we are accused of harassment. If MPs had personal experiences they may understand better.

  • jeremy clarke

    Turkeys and Christmas!


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