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Purplebricks claims to sell landlords’ homes ‘for free’

Controversial online agency Purplebricks claims landlords and other home owners can sell their properties for free “as part of a progressive new operating model.”

Following the collapse of Purplebricks under its previous ownership and its sale to rival online agency Strike for £1, the resurrected agency says it will “let customers sell their home without paying a penny.”

The agency will rely on sellers using its ancillary services including home valuation, negotiation, listing “on a major portal”, and an app that lets them arrange their listing and viewings. 


Purplebricks will launch an advertising campaign on Boxing Day that highlights what it calls “the stress many people go through while selling their home through traditional estate agents.”

The Strike brand will disappear and be replaced by Purplebricks.

Sir Charles Dunstone of Freston Ventures - the company underwriting Strike in the past and Purplebricks now - says: “Purplebricks was the original industry disintermediator and today we are disrupting the housing market by giving customers the option to sell their homes for free. We are creating a new force in estate agency that offers customers a much better experience for no cost. This is a great day for anyone looking to sell their home.”

Dunstone’s company has also invested heavily in Carphone Warehouse, TalkTalk and Five Guys in the past.

Sam Mitchell - chief executive of Purplebricks - adds: “The process for buying and selling properties hasn’t changed in almost 200 years. It’s a stressful and costly journey that should be simplified, which is what we’re doing today. 

“Customers are now able to sell their home for free, with no hidden costs. They get everything they need to sell for free, with optional extras along the way, as well as access to Purplebricks’ expertise throughout.

“This is an important day for Purplebricks as a business. After a brutally tough few years, the housing market is showing signs of life as we move into 2024. With viewings increasing and banks offering more competitive rates, we are confident our new model will drive us towards significant market growth.” 

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    Having previously sold a property through Strike, I am not sure a change of name will convince me to use them again. I have to wonder why the need to rebrand if things were going well for them.

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    Thats pretty simple!

    Purplebricjs have a bigger name.

    I don't know how much better you can get than free!


    I get that Purple Bricks were a more well known name but they collapsed so there must have been a problem either with the service or the marketing model.
    Free is OK if you are not bothered about service level. Reviews of Strike at the time we used them were either very good or really bad. It may have depended on what area one was in so which team member(s) were responsible for the case.

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    If it sounds too good to be true...it usually is. Nothing is for free. What a load of tosh... They're just gong to sell your property for nothing because they're really kind people. 😂 😂.

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    Viewed a property recently that was being marketed by Strike. As a buyer I found them poor, and just wanting to sell me mortgage services. I asked the seller and she said they were dreadful and only interested in selling her financial products. Also property clearly valued too high, and so has been on the market for months.


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