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Landlords urged to check grants for EV chargepoints

A car charging company is urging landlords and businesses to take advantage of government grants towards the cost of electric vehicle chargepoints.

Dominic Langley, director of the Car Charging Company, says: “There are some really great grant schemes available for people to take advantage of at the moment if they want to install electric vehicle chargepoints, particularly for landlords and businesses.

“In [a] recent case, we successfully applied for electric vehicle chargepoint and infrastructure grants for landlords, totalling £850 for each of the seven chargepoints. This was made up of £350 for each charger and £500 for the infrastructure and saved the client thousands of pounds, while adding real value to their property by having electric vehicle chargepoints.


“There have been many government grants over recent years, but they do come and go, so I’d encourage any landlords or businesses who might be considering facilitating electric in the near future to take advantage of the grants while they are available.

“With the infrastructure grant, you can even just install the infrastructure now and add the charger itself later. There’s also the Workplace Charging Scheme available for businesses currently.”

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    Sounds good… but being an old cynic I am looking for the rub.

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    How many tenants can afford an EV? That money would be better used saving for a deposit for a house!

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    I don't know the terms and conditions of the grant mentioned but when we had the one for our own home we had to prove ownership of an EV. In rental properties that would be a chicken and egg situation. Without a charger it would be unlikely your tenant would buy an EV. With a charger you would be more likely to attract tenants who already have or are actively planning to buy an EV.
    I've certainly had HMO tenants ask about it. In some cases their employers offer EVs as company vehicles. The difficulty in HMOs is apportioning the electric bill. It's possible with some of the best chargers but they cost somewhat more than the grant.


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