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Small HMOs to be subject to council licensing from April

Another Labour controlled council is introducing additional licensing for small HMOs.

York council says that from April 1 an additional licence is required for any HMO occupied by three or four people who form more than one household and where householders share facilities such as the kitchen, bathroom, or toilet. 

Additional licensing affects these properties in eight wards - they reportedly have the highest densities of HMOs in the city.


The decision to introduce these licences was made back in August following two rounds of 10-week consultations.

A council spokesperson says: “The vast majority of private landlords in the city run well-maintained and well-managed HMOs. 

“This additional licensing scheme gives them all a level playing field, clear standards to meet and management training.

“It will also help ensure tenants of HMOs, especially those in wards where HMOs are most numerous, are protected by ensuring those high standards are met.”

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    No wonder there is no comment that proves how popular the are, we had better properties before licensing and when we had control of our business and allowed to

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    It is totally screwing the landlords and ultimately rents will go high and people will suffer. Councils must consider to do some relax so that landlord and renters can be happy

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    m feroz. Thanks feroz for commenting it was beginning to look as though I was the only one responding 1500/1 now at least it reduces the number of read to more like 800/1.
    Just to Balance the issue they are not only screwing the Landlords they are definitely screwing the Tenants as well forcing up Rents 25/30% all over the place, what’s this good Police bad Police scenario.
    Where are they supposed to get it ? but all those measures are supposed to help the Tenants they are their friends allegedly, some friends they are just add The WHITE PAPER white lie to make the unfairness complete to both parties, level both to ground or extinction.
    How on earth can they sell this package in this day and age when everyone knows its lies.
    So this is another Borough that has awoken to the honey pot,
    Small HMO Additional licensing Scheme they say but are Small HMO’s supposed to be Selective licensing Schemes.
    Cut the rubbish propaganda and Reinstate Section 21 & 24 if you are remotely interested with improving the housing situation, everything you have done thus far has been anti.


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