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Landlord must have known his property was an HMO says Judge

A landlord has been found guilty of operating an unlicensed House in Multiple Occupation and - in the words of a local council - “putting tenants at risk.”

Ahmad Kamal Younus, of High Wycombe, was charged with five offences, including managing an unlicensed HMO and failing to ensure fire safety measures were in place. 

The property was discovered whilst a Buckinghamshire council environmental health officer was visiting another property in the local vicinity.


Younus initially tried to conceal the true nature of the property during the first inspection, claiming the property was a family home. 

However, further investigation by the council’s housing and domestic yeam revealed that the property was indeed an HMO, housing more than six unrelated occupants.

The trial took place at Wycombe Magistrate Court before District Judge Sharma. Younus was found guilty on all charges, with the Judge concluding that he must have known the house was an HMO. 

The property was found to be in poor condition, with numerous fire safety violations.

Younus was fined £5,000, ordered to pay costs of £6,878.96, and a victim surcharge of £190, totalling £12,068.96.

A Buckinghamshire council spokesperson says: “We are committed to ensuring that tenants live in safe and secure conditions. As part of this commitment, we will continue taking decisive action against landlords who put the welfare of tenants at risk by operating unsafe, unlicensed HMOs.

“Landlords operating an HMO with five or more tenants must apply for a licence to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.”

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    Six unrelated tenants ! is this maybe a case of '' me no understand English ?'', until you tell them to Foxtrot Ascar then they very quickly understand English.

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    And this type of landlord is what the public think we all are 🤐

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    And he was caught without having a licence, so what is the point of the licencing scheme?

  • jeremy clarke

    No mention of rent repayment order?


    No chance, and little chance of the fine ever being paid either, these people don't pay, that's a well known fact


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