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Phil Spencer’s Move iQ service links with Build To Rent group

Move iQ, the consumer-facing online service operated by TV property guru Phil Spencer, is linking with the Build To Rent trade body the UK Apartment Association.

A statement from UKAA says Build To Rent operators “can engage Move iQ to create an informative property tour that will appeal to and educate potential customers.”

An estimated two million people have so far used the Move iQ website, which has now launched a Build To Rent YouTube channel as well as offering a wide range of information and advice to tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers.


The UKAA statement continues: “Move iQ is supporting renters to discover the unique advantages of Build to Rent, from security of tenure and adaptability to cost-effectiveness and exceptional amenities and management. Many renters are still learning about this growing segment of the UK housing market, meaning that Move iQ’s highlighting of cutting-edge developments and innovations is doing much to cultivate a knowledgeable and engaged consumer base.”

Spencer himself says: “We’re thrilled to share the benefits of Build To Rent with our audience. As this sector rapidly evolves and gains significance, it’s crucial that movers have access to essential information and resources. Simultaneously, Move iQ assists Build To Rent operators in showcasing their properties.”

The UKAA says it is “on a mission to make Build To Rent an industry of choice for property professionals and a lifestyle of choice for customers.”

Its chief executive, Brendan Geraghty, says: “Phil’s reputation for providing clear, practical advice for home movers means that he is in an excellent position to support knowledge sharing about the Build To Rent industry. 

“Move iQ’s BTR tours will also provide unique glimpses into different providers’ developments. We very much look forward to working with Move iQ over the coming years as the BTR industry continues to grow and delight even more renters.”

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    Sensible move, he sees the way the wind is blowing 🌪🌪. The big corporate boys will be where the money is 💵💵

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    That's right Simon. I'd invest in build to rent if it becomes easily possible in the future, I'll definitely consider it. Things are changing for the PRS and there's no point fighting it anymore.. The government will get their way so maybe it's now a case of "if you can't beat them, join them". End of the day I'm in the game to make money for ME. Not to break even and be an unwilling charity.


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